Cuba’s Pro-Democracy Leaders Arrested, Beaten, and Shot

Cuba’s totalitarian regime is allegedly keeping tabs on large-scale pro-democracy protests. Activists and friends are alleging that Cuban authorities are detaining, assaulting, and executing demonstrators.

According to the Associated Press, Cuban policemen are bolstering inspections at the request of Cuban President Miguel Dáz-Canel, who has stated that the pro-democracy uprising will be met with force.

Nevertheless, the nation has been hit by an internet outage, making reports of Cuban authorities’ reactions to the demonstrations difficult to verify, according to the Associated Press.

Police were adamant about putting an end to the protests. More than a hundred demonstrators were detained, along with a prominent Cuban activist who’d been seized while attempting to join a demonstration in Santiago, 559 miles (900 kilometers) east of Havana.

According to the Associated Press, the protesters stopped traffic in the capital for many days until some flung rocks, prompting police to intervene and break them up. Internet access was intermittent, presumably to prevent demonstrators from connecting with one another.

Social Media Blocked By the Government

As per the Associated Press, Cuban officials blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Text message apps on Monday, according to Alp Toker, head of Netblocks, a London-based electronic surveillance organization.

Diaz-Canal does have his own social media site, and he uses it to provide official state updates in Cuba.

Activists still use SMS instant messengers to transmit video information narratives about demonstrations out of the island, according to Florida media outlets.

Disarmed individuals are being arrested, beaten, and killed by Cuban law enforcement officers, according to a South Florida citizen. This citizen also told Miami’s Channel 10 News that his colleague in Havana sent him messages urging him to inform his friends in Miami.

The Only Way We Know What is Going On is via Middlemen in The USA

Video taken to social media, frequently through middlemen in the United States, appears to support allegations that Cuban authorities are repressing pro-democracy protests violently.

The videos are startling, albeit they are unverified due to the darkness.

On Sunday, Jose Daniel, the head of Cuba’s biggest opposition group, the Patriot Union of Cuba, was abducted as he left his home to attend a demonstration in Santiago de Cuba, in the nation’s East.

UNPACU member Zaqueo Baez told the press agency that his location is unknown and unclear.

Two people of a revolutionary painters’ group that has gained notoriety driving a bigger popular uprising in Cuba in recent times (Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara & Amaury Pacheco) were detained on their way to demonstrate in Havana, according to Pacheco’s girlfriend Iris Ruiz.

Pacheco’s location was unclear, and Otero Alcantara was in prison.

They’re also uploading videos that show the demonstrations are still happening, despite what the Cuban state says.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has played a key role in disseminating protest footage.