Death Toll Soars From Kabul Bombing

As the rescue planes from the city’s airport neared their end, the number of individuals reported to have perished in the Kabul bomber attack grew overnight to at least 95 locals and 13 US soldiers.

The death toll from Thursday’s strike at Kabul airport terminal gates progressively increased in the hours following the incident; however, the latest sources indicate that the death toll has now risen to at least 108, with the figure projected to rise even higher.

The Associated Press, as well as Sky News in the United Kingdom, also published estimates from Afghan authorities on Friday; these estimates are reporting that the death toll had risen to 95 Afghan citizens and 13 US military personnel. Ten Marines, two soldiers, and one Navy doctor were among the Americans murdered near the airport terminal Abbey Gate, according to Breitbart News.

As a result, Thursday was the worst day in Afghanistan in 10 years for US personnel

The number of deaths, though, may keep increasing. According to the Associated Press, Kabul’s system is straining to cope with the magnitude of bloodshed; some relatives may have evacuated their family members’ bodies from the site, implying that their deaths have not yet been recorded.

Nevertheless, while the final humanitarian flights were slated to leave Afghanistan, the evacuating mission threatened by the Islamic State’s suicide attack unit restarted. While many NATO countries have already stopped operating (notably Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Poland), the United States and her closest ally, Great Britain, have remained.

For Those Trapped, There is Little Hope of Escape

Planes left Kabul airport Friday morning and masses gathered outside in the hopes of catching a flight. However, British defense minister Ben Wallace announced that Britain will no longer take new passengers and that only all those within will be given flights abroad. Wallace told Sky News that Britain shut the holding area and shut the gates at Abbey gate around 4:30 that morning.

Britain will handle the people they’ve taken with them, the roughly 1,000 people who are already inside the airport. They will also keep looking for a few folks in the masses wherever they can. However, the major processing center is already closed, and they only have a few hours left.

Wallace acknowledged there would still be individuals in Afghanistan who the UK would try to remove after the final journey. Later, he mentioned how he told the Royal Air Force (RAF) to make it possible for people onboard airlines to maximize the residual take-off available slots at Kabul before Britain’s pullout was comprehensive.

According to The Times of London, the UK will have rescued around 15,000 people but will have left 1,000 stranded. British soldiers will finish their pullout once the final humanitarian evacuation flight has left, with 900 men out by the end of the month. On Monday, the United States would be the last to leave, according to Wallace.