Delaware Supreme Court Trashed Dems Election Laws

Democrats faced a massive legal defeat in Delaware, where the state’s Supreme Court nixed liberal election laws that could have intensified voter fraud.

The Supreme Court voided two laws of Delaware that were supposed to promote no-excuse mail-in voting, as well as same-day voter registration.

Dems Bite the Dust in the First State

Recently, Delaware Democrats passed legislation to allow same-day voter registration and universal vote by mail. However, state Republicans protested, claiming the laws would promote Democrats’ voter fraud efforts.

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The GOP also suggested the laws were against Delaware’s Constitution, so they should be declared null and void by the judiciary.

Initially, Delaware’s vice chancellor, Nathan Cook, upheld the same-day voter registration law while nixing the mail-in voting bill. Though the matter was escalated to the state Supreme Court as the midterm elections came closer.

According to the Delaware Constitution, absentee voting is only allowed in some situations, including when people are either ill, injured, or unable to vote, due to their professional engagements.

In his arguments to the court, the Delaware attorney general insisted that mail-in voting is a different thing, compared to absentee voting.

However, the Supreme Court found allowing mail-in voting would be in violation of the absentee ballot provisions of the Constitution.

Likewise, the Supreme Court declared voter registration on Election Day cannot be allowed. Now, the voter registration deadline in Delaware is October 15, 2022 for the midterm elections.

Democrats even tried to change Delaware’s Constitution to make their voting laws legal. Though they failed to get the two-thirds majority required to change the Constitution.

Election Process will Remain the Same in Delaware

The former Republican attorney general of Delaware, Jane Brady, stated she was happy to see the Supreme Court defending the Constitution of the state.

Brady also established the Supreme Court verdict would not hinder the voting process in next month’s midterm elections at all.

As no election has been held since the passing of the new election laws, all the voters can easily vote as they did in the past, Brady added. Meanwhile, Democrats were disappointed after the Supreme Court verdict.

Emily David Hershman, the spokesperson of the Democratic governor of the state, noted the governor wanted to simplify the process of voting for all Delawareans so all of them could participate without any difficulty. 

Some Democrats also established the Supreme Court verdict increased the importance of constitutional change in Delaware.

In a joint statement, Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst claimed previous efforts of Democrats to change the Constitution of the state need to be increased after the verdict of the highest court.

Republicans’ Senate leader Gerald Hocker said Democrats ignored the legal, expert opinion while passing the voting laws.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.