Democrat Author: Biden Needs to be More Like Trump

As per Ruy Teixeira, a key Democrat thinker whose 2002 publication helped birth the current Democrat Party, Democrats are losing voters. This is because their extreme equity programs scare ordinary people who are concerned about wages and working conditions.

Democrats Need to Learn from the GOP

Teixeira decided to write in his substack post, The Liberal Patriot, that Democrats “will be on much greater ground [in 2024] if they identified with an encompassing nationalism that underscores what people have in common.”

It should also encompass their rights not just to economic development, but to public health and safety, border security, and world-class, non-ideological schooling.

However, it will be hard to move away from Trump’s moderate, disruptive, and confrontational “America First” message. Progressives, Teixeira said, have contempt for Republicans, liberals, and any citizens who disagree with their never-ending equity goal.

Teixeira used the instance of immigrants and refugees, which he discussed in a November 10 essay, to demonstrate the progressives’ present mistakes.

It is now clear the Biden government’s perceived relaxing of the border rules prompted more immigrants to try their luck. This year, the authorities documented 1.7 million unlawful crossings over the southern border.

This is the largest total since at least 1960 when the government began maintaining such figures. In response, the government hurried to use whatever measures it had at its fingertips to stop the flow, including those left over from the Trump administration.

Because of these factors, as well as a desire to avoid giving in to Fox News buzzwords about a border catastrophe, most Democrat leaders approached the subject of border protection with caution.

As a consequence, there is no clear liberal strategy for an immigration system that allows for appropriate amounts of legal immigration, while also providing the border security required to prevent illegal immigration.

Teixeira likewise downplays the political consequences of the federal government’s migration strategy, despite the fact thousands of “Latinx” migrants are sure to perish.

The Elites Don’t Care

He only refers to it as a “sociocultural problem,” as if legal and illegal migration aren’t elite economic policies that redistribute trillions of dollars in salaries from Americans, especially American Latinos, to affluent coastal businessmen who support the Democrat Party.

Even while their corporate allies understand it as a major benefit for investors centered in coastal areas, many liberals prefer to see their self-serving easy-migration inclinations as great social policy.

Tom Edsall of the New York Times, for example, questioned on December 8 that if working-class resignations from the Democrat Party are motivated more by culture, ethnic, and gendered concerns than by economy, should Democrats try diminishing those cultural grounds of contention or stick to policies championed by its liberal movement?

In truth, as Breitbart News has consistently demonstrated, the federal government’s wealth-shifting program is driving millions of Latino voters to the GOP.