Plot to Stir Trump-GOP Rift Backfires Spectacularly

A plot of the Democrat Party and leftist propaganda stooges was expected to cause a major rift between President Trump and congressional Republicans.

It just backfired spectacularly, as Trump has actually been made happy by the revelation.

Joint Leak by CNN and NYT

CNN, earlier this week, released two tapes of conversations of GOP leader Kevin McCarthy with fellow lawmakers in the wake of the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.

In these calls, McCarthy was scathingly critical of President Trump and fuming over the storming of the Capitol complex by Trump supporters on 1/6.

One of the tapes is of a call from January 10, 2021. In it, McCarthy tells other lawmakers what Trump had done was “unacceptable.”

An evidently fuming McCarthy stated “nobody can or should defend that”, and he’d “had it with [Trump].”

In another recording aired subsequently by CNN, McCarthy can be heard revealing he had spoken to Trump and the president admitted to having “some responsibility” for the events on January 6.

Trump allegedly also said he had to “acknowledge” that responsibility.

The McCarthy recordings aired by CNN were exposed by another far-left propaganda mainstream media machine, The New York Times.

Trump is Actually Glad

Trump has not commented publicly on the leaks of McCarthy’s furious comments about him in the wake of the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol.

However, instead of being mad at the House Minority Leader, Trump is understood to be actually quite happy about both McCarthy and his leaked comments, according to a report by The Daily Mail, which cites a source close to POTUS 45.

According to the source in question, Trump is satisfied that even as he was fuming in private, in public, McCarthy remained a Trump loyalist.

Trump, who is known to have been referring to McCarthy as “My Kevin”, evidently appreciates that the leader of House Republicans did not make good on his threats to break with him, as expressed in the leaked tapes.

A report by The Washington Post, which cites three unnamed sources close to Trump, said POTUS 45 views the fact that McCarthy remained loyal to him after 1/6 as evidence that he retains a coherent, long-term grip on the GOP.

At the same time, however, other factions on the right have expressed outrage over the revelations about McCarthy’s anger with Trump back in January 2021.

Notable among those is Trump’s former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who on his podcast described the House Minority Leader as “disloyal”.

Bannon was enraged that “leadership in the Republican Party” “plotted” against Trump precisely at the moment when he was “weakest,” with the entire world “against him”.

Considering Trump’s lack of immediate reaction, and the media reports, however, it appears the left-wing plot to cause a rupture within the Republican Party flopped the way CNN+ did.