Democrats Absent as Bombs Rock Kabul, Harming U.S. Soldiers, Killing Afghans

The House of Representatives gathered for a few hours this week to advance part of the Democrats’ internal policy platform; then, they adjourned as terror threats escalated. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scarcely mentioned the Afghan problem.

With Congress also absent, Despot Biden is forced to cope with dangers to individuals attempting to flee Afghanistan, such as a terrorist incident on the Kabul airfield on Thursday. As per a US official, there’s also a gunfight with Afghan fatalities at the bombing site outside of the Abbey Gate. At least three soldiers from the United States were injured.

Suicide bombings are a constant and serious concern. Traveling to Kabul Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal is not recommended. If you’re near the airport, get out of there and go somewhere secure, the US government advised citizens on Tuesday.


We are asking Americans to avoid going to the terminal and to bypass airport gates at this time until they receive special instruction from a United States government official, the US Embassy in Kabul told Americans.

Two Explosions Rock the Capitol

However, on Thursday, Kabul was shaken by two blasts; one was near the Baron hotel, where U.S. Army aircraft had previously transported Westerners to the Kabul airport. According to the Pentagon, the blast at the Abbey Gate led to several US and civilian casualties.

Casualties are Rising Steadily

According to TOLO News in Afghanistan, 30 people have reached the Kabul Surgical Centre, with six of them already dead. According to a video obtained by Fox News, the number of deaths is likely to be much higher. According to a person familiar with the situation in Afghanistan, it is “virtually a guarantee” that Westerners will be left stranded.

The House of Representatives, on the other hand, did not vote on any legislation connected to Afghanistan during its two days in business this week. It only took significant decisions on a Democrat-backed voting measure and a parliamentary “rule” that promotes Democrats’ $3.5 trillion expenditure proposal while delaying a vote on the nonpartisan infrastructure bill.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chastised Pelosi for allegedly ignoring the most pressing subject of the day. McCarthy claimed Pelosi was also on The Hill “late into the night” focusing on the Democrats’ expenditure agenda, but not one minute of that time has been spent on bringing Americans back from Afghanistan.

What do you suppose those people were just doing late in the evening, trying to find a way to get to that airbase? McCarthy said that during this week in Congress, not a single second was spent on this matter – and not a single dollar was approved. $5 trillion dollars is simply not being contested and none of that cash is going to help any individuals get back on their feet.