Democratic Union Boss Caught in Lie About DeSantis

The “Community Notes” function, which allows members of Twitter to collectively address misinformation and accusations in real-time, was possibly the best enhancement Elon Musk made to Twitter.

Democrats Lie About DeSantis

Joe Biden, the president, has received numerous Community Notes. The leader of the country’s most prominent teachers’ association, someone who is liberal, now accompanies him.

Nikki Fried, the chair of the Florida Democratic Party, Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book, and a total of nine other people were taken into custody.

They were arrested on breaching charges Monday night, while demonstrating against a six-week abortion restriction that was about to be approved by the legislature.

As reported on Tuesday by the right-leaning website, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis came under fire from American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten over the detention of left-leaning demonstrators during a pro-abortion gathering on Monday evening.

After seeing a picture of Book and Fried being apprehended, Weingarten posted on Twitter that DeSantis started arresting his opposition. Whereas the Community Notes ensemble revealed to Weingarten and the rest of the world that this was proved to be a falsehood.

The information provided by Twitter users mentioned that Book and Fried were detained by the Tallahassee Police Department while sporting a stylish T-shirt that stated, “Just F**king Vote.”

In addition, the arrest happened in front of City Hall. Tallahassee, Florida is run by a Democratic leader and a Democratic-majority city commission.

In a nutshell, according to Twitchy, Ron DeSantis has virtually nothing to do with the detention of Nikki Fried. This is pretty clear to most honest people who were paying attention.

Lie Now Out in the Open

Twitchy claimed that we just have to love the Community Notes. Since Randi Weingarten will never stop deceiving people, you have to keep employing them to catch her.