Democrats Defeated and Depressed Over Spending Bill Defeat

The Democrats were putting everything on the line with their ridiculously expensive budget bills. Pelosi lost as she failed to unify her party; now the Democrats are suffering the symptoms of defeat.

Republicans in the halls of power have noticed a serious change in attitude among their liberal colleagues.

Rep. Budd: They are Shell Shocked

Following the closure to vote on Biden’s infrastructure plan, GOP Rep. Ted Budd told Fox News he found a few “ashen” Democrats on the House stairs. The Senate approved the infrastructure bill in August, but the House has not yet had the same luck.

Leftists and centrists feuded over Biden’s big $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill plan. The Democrat Party’s far-left wing, which supports the spending bill, refused to support the former without a deal on the latter.

Budd termed the infrastructure package “a trojan horse to get us greater communism,” implying Biden misled voters during his 2020 presidential campaign by posing as a centrist.

“Joe Biden is completely on board; he accepted the $1.2 trillion bill yesterday so he may go even closer to Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion expenditure level,” the North Carolina conservative stated.

The construction proposal may have been marketed as nonpartisan, but “just 10% of the $1.2 trillion” of the $110 billion would go toward bridges and roads, according to Budd.

According to sources, the bill includes significant funding for environmental elements, including $5 billion for electric vehicles for the federal government fleet, $50 million for local environmental incentive payments, and $1 billion for an electrical vehicle recharging equality scheme.

It’s All Pelosi’s Fault

Budd also criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the postponement of the vote and her failure to follow through on a previous promise she made to centrist Democrats.

Budd knows how angry Democrats were when they learned the $1.2 trillion development measure was put on hold for the time being.

Budd stated, “Pelosi didn’t even maintain her commitment to them. So, I mean, this is complete chaos. I was in the elevator with some Democrats in Washington yesterday and they were glum. They were taken aback when Joe Biden walked in and paid their own tab.”

Democrat moderate Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, together with Democrat moderate Sen. Joe Manchin, has been chastised by the liberal left and progressive peers for opposing Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill. However, she also spoke out about the House’s development gaffe.

In a statement, Sinema said, “The inability of the United States House of Representatives to hold a vote on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is unconscionable and extremely sad for towns across our country. Without millions of very good jobs, safer streets, fresh water, more reliable energy, and better internet, everyday folks would suffer.”

There’s no telling when Congress will manage to get it together.