Democrats Demand Biden’s Resignation Before Midterm Elections

Biden’s dwindling approval ratings are urging Democrats nationwide to question his ability to lead the country. 

Now, former Democratic lawmakers are asking Biden to resign before the midterm elections to save the Democrat Party from utter humiliation.

Biden’s Resignation is Past Due Now

Andrew Stein, a former representative of the New York State Assembly and the former president of the Democratic New York City Council, slammed President Biden over his inapt presidential tenure so far.

Stein claimed Biden is losing his ability to lead America at this tough time; so, he should immediately resign from the White House for the greater good of the country.

By stepping aside before the midterm elections, Biden should give Vice President Kamala Harris a chance to lead the country, Stein added.

Although Stein acknowledged Harris has her own weaknesses, he argued a change in leadership is necessary for the Democrat Party.

After all, all the important offices are occupied by old people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

According to Stein, Biden is facing some mounting challenges, including low approval ratings, a potential red wave in midterm elections, declining physical and mental capabilities, and failed domestic and foreign policies.

Stein added Biden is likely to face a tough time if Republicans investigate him about his involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings.

Likewise, Stein suggested Biden promised to “heal America” from partisan politics and division, which he failed to do so far.

As his administration is unable to pursue an “inclusive agenda,” Biden is failing in all the attempts to pursue bipartisanship, Stein added.

Biden Pushing the Country Into Absolute Chaos

Even though Biden is pointing towards Russian President Vladimir Putin for rising inflation in the United States, Stein continued, Biden is responsible for this, which is a guaranteed recipe for a midterm loss for the Democratic party.

Stein argued Democratic candidates are not taking Biden’s help in their election campaigns since his name is urging voters to move toward the Republican Party.

The liberal politician also slammed Biden for his continuous efforts to promote the so-called Build Back Better legislation that aimed to promote social spending across the country.

Stein established the social spending bill would be remembered as a “fiasco” in the history books. Biden preferred to pass a single bill by ignoring mounting crises like inflation, crimes, border mess, and coronavirus mandates. 

In addition to that, Stein claimed the Biden administration failed to devise a workable foreign policy, which resulted in bringing international shame to the country.

Last August, Stein said, the haphazard withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan helped Russia invade Ukraine and helped China intensify its military operations around Taiwan.

Stein also criticized Biden’s recent trip to the Middle East, claiming the US administration has failed to pressure Iran to stop its nuclear program.

Even though Biden repeatedly requested the Saudi Crown Prince to increase oil production, Saudi Arabia did not entertain his request at all.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.