Democrats’ Reckless IRS Enlargement Shouldn’t Be Forgiven

The Manchin-Schumer Inflation Reduction Act has been enacted by Congress, but this shouldn’t imply we hurry on to the next issue.

The public outrage and political retaliation should persist, especially against its provisions that transform the IRS into an autocratic tyrant.

The measure permitted the employment of over 87,000 extra IRS agents, with 14 times the present level of resources allocated to “enforcement” crackdowns since customer service is sorely deficient.

This should actually scare us.

Be Worried!

To clarify, this is not only about detecting cheats.

Frequent audits are conducted on middle-class and blameless taxpayers. The effort, energy, and expert legal/accounting assistance required to establish the initial tax returns were accurate can cost more than the amount in question.

The IRS does not compensate the taxpayer for unreasonable harassment or errors that it commits.

Regardless of whether the IRS is in the wrong, the system is skewed against taxpayers, with the IRS functioning as investigator, prosecutor, and jury without openness or oversight.

Republicans raised worries over a new IRS job offering for armed agents as Congress is deploying tens of thousands of new enforcement agents. These agents are supported by tens of billions of dollars over the next decade to crack down on taxpayers.

The job description states one of the “primary responsibilities” is to “carry a handgun and be willing to employ lethal force when required.”

The left-wing media hustled to underplay the fears about militarized agents, with too many outlets mentioning the IRS has long had armed agents.

They are asserting the regular evaluations the IRS undertakes on ordinary Americans do not entail those equipped agents who handle criminal investigations.

No Training?

The Daily Signal outlined on August 12 why average individuals are justified in their fear.

In 2018, the inspector general for tax systems at the Treasury Department stated 79 of 459 special agents in the IRS’ long-gun cadre “failed to fulfill standard certification standards.”

In addition, according to the study, the IRS was unable to give information on whether 1,500 special agents had received training in tactical equipment competency.

In 2012, an IG investigation stated IRS agents shot their pistols more often by mistake than on purpose, due to insufficient firearms training.

Furthermore, the agency wrongly recorded four unintentional discharges that “may have led to damage to property or personal harm,” but censored the report in order to conceal whether such damage occurred.

The Daily Signal highlighted three terrifying instances in which armed IRS raids on company owners shattered their businesses, but “came up empty-handed” since no tax problems were discovered.

Given that the Manchin-Schumer plan will almost quadruple the overall number of IRS officers, with a heavy emphasis on compliance and without major safeguards for taxpayer rights, abusive occurrences and the deployment of armed agents will inevitably increase.

This vote should be a millstone over the necks of every single House and Senate member who supported this abomination, which is to say every Democrat in Congress.

The new legislation is worse than unjust; it’s just dangerous.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.