Democrats Refuse to Help Israel Struggle Against Incoming Rockets

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Israel is America’s top ally in the Middle East so it is expected that when it is facing an onslaught of missiles fired from Gaza, the USA would be the first ones to help out.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have a different idea, and they have just shut down a bid that would see the USA help Israel fund ammunition for its Iron Dome defense system.

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Why is this so important? The Iron Dome system literally saves lives. It intercepts incoming rockets by blowing them right out of the sky. The Iron Dome system is not an offensive weapon, meaning it causes no harm to any person; it nearly intercepts incoming missiles and saves civilian lives.

Bad Messaging

The message the USA is sending to Israel by blocking this measure is that we are prepared to sit back and watch the citizens of our closest ally in the Middle East die. It is a horrific message to send to our friends. The bill that was proposed by Republican House Representative  Tony Gonzales of Texas would have seen the USA provide emergency funding for the defense of citizens.

Late on Thursday afternoon, however, President Joe Biden announced that Israel had the right to defend its self and that the presidency would help Israel replenish its supply of Iron Dome Missiles. A move that Senator Ted Cruz had been pushing for strongly over the past week. 

Biden had talks with the Prime Minister of Israel and later said in a statement: “I assured him of my full support to [rebuild] Israel’s Iron Dome system” to ensure its future defense and security.

Old Guard Democrats vs. the Woke Leftist Mob

This reveals a rift between the old guard Democrats and the young Woke mob in the House of Representatives who have no regard for siding with Israel in the Middle East. On Tuesday, House Majority Steny Hoyer lashed out at members of his own party, the Democrats, for pushing policies that strengthen Hamas, Israel’s Arch enemy.

The House leader went so far as calling the Members of his own party “extremists.” Hoyer stated that “loss of innocent civilian life” in areas like Gaza and Israel are huge too repeats rocket attacks from Hamas.

He then declared that Israel is well within its rights to self defense, notably when subjected to violent from anti-Semitic terrorist organizations.

Finally, Hoyer declared that America can’t allow terrorists to “hijack” talks about the future of the Palestinian and Israeli people.  

Since the beginning of hostilities about two weeks ago, Hamas has fired approximately 4340 rockets towards Israel with roughly 640 of them landing in the Gaza strip killing many civilians. The Iron Dome system has intercepted 90% of the rockets, revealing how important the system is to the defense of the population.