Democrats Want to Stop Funding the Iron Dome – Despicable

Far-left liberals successfully lobbied to have $1 billion in financing for the Iron Dome missile defense shield removed from a budget package last week. Now, pro-Israel Democrats are retaliating.

The Party is Now Split Once More

Representatives from the “Squad” (led by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as Rep. Rashida Tlaib) effectively challenged to oppose the legislation needed to avoid a government shutdown.

Following this, House Appropriations Chairwoman Rep. Rosa DeLauro presented a self-contained bill that will provide the cash for the scheme which has stopped countless fatalities in Israel.

The US is unwavering in its support for Israel’s safety as an ally and friend. It is America’s moral and legal duty to replace interceptor missiles that safeguard Israel from threats, DeLauro said in a press release.

“Whereas this money would normally be included within the 12-month budget deal,” DeLauro added, “we are introducing this measure now to demonstrate Congress’ nonpartisan support to Israel’s defense as part of a Middle East with permanent peace.”

DeLauro wasn’t the only liberal to speak out about the importance of continuing to fund Israel, as well as the Iron Dome. Rep. Steny Hoyer said the bill would be brought to the congressional floor for a vote because it was “desperately needed.”

Rep. Carolyn Maloney also stated she would strive to ensure that the Missile Shield is funded in the future.

“The Missile Shield is vital to Israel’s security and economic well-being. It saves lives and protects the entire country from terrorist attacks, and I will do as much as I can to keep it financed “Maloney sent out in a tweet.

Opposing the Missile Shield is Vile

Rep. Ritchie Torres is a liberal who frequently clashes with the Squad over their differing views on Israel. Torres had harsh words for those who opposed the Missile Shield.

Rep. Val Demings termed the Missile Systems “vital” and said delaying financing was “intolerable.” Demings tweeted Tuesday that the Missile Shield is important to Israel’s security and safety, and directly linked to America’s security and safety.

“Financing delays are unacceptably long. It should not be taken out of this week’s measure, and we should vote on it right away.”

Tlaib expressed her opposition to the bill shortly after DeLauro introduced it, adding that she would not endorse “human rights violations and apartheid governance.”

Rep. Elissa Slotkin, another Michigan Democrat, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that the “Missile Shield is a completely *defensive* system.”

It’s a system that helps protect humanity when thousands of rockets are fired at urban settlements. She went on to talk about the Iron Dome’s long history of collaboration between the US and Israel, as well as the financing that has been in place for many years.

All of this data is freely available. So targeting Missile Shield now indicates that the issue isn’t a real concern about the system, but a desire to target something – anything – associated to Israel.