Democrats Obsessed with Destroying DeSantis – Why?

The left wants Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to fail for a purpose. It isn’t simply about the presidential race in 2024. Given DeSantis’ capacity to unify the Trumpist and conventional Republican sides of the party, liberals would prefer to see him lose the 2022 governor’s race in flames.

Alternatively, Democrats may have to go up against him with President Joe Biden, who is nearing 82 years old, or Vice President Kamala Harris, who is highly unpopular. However, ideology alone cannot justify the out-of-state Democrats’ neurotic preoccupation with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Democrats have indeed been anxious to depict DeSantis as a dangerous lunatic screaming that he’s the Dark Lord, the type of scammer who places “owning the libs” before safeguarding human livelihoods, since the beginning of the outbreak.

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When warnings of mass mortality from reopening classrooms or beaches turned out to be false last year, his detractors resorted to pushing the lies of Rebekah Jones, a senior health department dashboard director, to allege that the state’s COVID-19 figures had been altered.

So, what causes the overreaction to DeSantis if not partisanship?

The main reason liberals want DeSantis to lose is that they would not like to accept they wasted a year of their existence following limitations that may or may not have been essential.

It’s reassuring to think that all of their efforts, such as skipping vacations, skipping lunches with friends and relatives, denying their children of in-person schooling, masking, and so forth, were all for the great cause of saving lives.

Accepting that it may not have produced much of a difference is far more difficult. In an age when a bizarre virus may appear out of nowhere and cause havoc, it’s natural for people to choose to remain in control of the situation.

Following the initial surge in the springtime of 2020, DeSantis decided that, other than some basic precautions, it was best to let individuals go about their lives and allow them to make the right decisions with their own safety and well-being. He allowed for the growth of enterprises and the establishment of schools, as well as the creation of an environment in which children could be children.

Florida Ranks at the Bottom of COVID Figures

Despite severe predictions, Florida ranks 27th in the United States in terms of deaths as a percentage of the population, much below the state median. It has fared significantly better than several liberal states, such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Illinois, which have implemented more restrictive regulations.

Critics believe that Florida has an edge because its warmer climate allows individuals to engage in more outside sports for a longer amount of time. While this is true to some degree, it also means that individuals must spend more time in climate control during the hot summer months.

Other elements that operate against Florida are also ignored by the weather theory. The state features one of the country’s largest over-65 communities, crowded urban regions with COVID-19-prone populations, busy terminals, and is among the most popular tourist destinations for foreign tourists.