Democrats Continue Their Inflation Blame Game

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren attributes the rise in food prices to supermarket shops.

Warren accused Kroger, Albertson’s, and Publix of price gouging in a letter sent to their CEOs this week.

She also shared the letter “exclusively” with her left-wing supporters at NBC News.

Blame the Shops, Not Yourself

“To maintain your epidemic gains, your business, and the other big supermarkets who received the rewards of a chaotic 2020, appear to be passing expenses on to consumers.”

“You even appear to be taking advantage of hyperinflation to add further responsibilities,” Warren stated.

“Your firms had an option: they could have kept lower pricing for customers, while properly protecting and compensating their employees. Or, they could have given large payments to top executives and shareholders,” she added.

“It’s regrettable that you didn’t prioritize your consumers and employees.”

This is blatant demagoguery and a dishonest attempt to divert attention away from Biden’s repeated failures.

Are we really meant to believe after decades of unbelievably inexpensive and abundant food, all of the major supermarkets banded together in an unlawful scheme to raise the price right now?

In other words, Warren is asking a company with some of the worst profitability of any industrial production (in the two percent range) to bear the additional expenses of Biden’s failings.

These failings include 1) inflation, 2) supply chain problems, and 3) skyrocketing gasoline costs.

Compare grocery store profitability to airline profitability of 7%, electric utility profit margins of 7% to 9%, alcoholic drink operating margins of 5% to 7%, and restaurant profit margins of 9% to 11%.

Yet, isn’t it the grocers who are the issue? I can think of six different grocery chains functioning within a sq mile or three in my small town.

They are Walmart, Lowes Foods, Publix, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Ingles. The battle for your food money is tough, and this is true almost everywhere.

Warren Has No Idea What She is Talking About

Profit margins aren’t how grocery companies generate money.

The supermarket business is a quantity industry. The impoverished in America no longer have to worry about going hungry because food is so cheap and plentiful.

Instead, obesity is an issue among America’s poor. This is a marvel, and you can’t appreciate it unless you study human civilization.

Either that, or you must be old enough (like my father) to recall when many Americans couldn’t pay to have their bellies filled 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yet, according to Warren’s anti-science viewpoint, in the midst of the worst rising prices in 40 years, the supermarkets are to blame.

Amid price levels brought on by Biden’s devaluing of the monetary system through irrational and unwarranted spending, the supermarket chains banded together to form an illegal monopolistic market accord to stiff their customers and employees.