Dems Divided Over Migrant Caravans

After three months, over 150 coaches, and about 6,000 migrants, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has finally convinced Democrats to reconsider their border security strategy. 

Bowser’s Plea

King is posting about Bowser’s plea that the Biden presidency invoke the D.C. National Guard to assist with the meals, shelter, clothing, and health needs of the migrants.

Abbott has indeed been carpooling immigrants into the DC area since April. 

King reports on the domestic front, Bowser is being criticized for not committing enough city resources and personnel to assist volunteer groups overburdened by receiving thousands of asylum seekers.

Bowser is also receiving tremendous backlash from city officials and immigration groups for requesting the Biden presidency to deploy the D.C. National Guard to assist with crisis response.

Some assistance organizations dislike Bowser’s request for the National Guard to handling migrant combatants.

King rejects with justification the notion that activating the National Guard would constitute a war declaration on migrants.

As he mentions, the National Guard is frequently called in to assist in times of crisis, such as after Hurricane Katrina and the COVID-19 outbreak.

These were both emergencies, but the guard’s presence did not “militarize” the situation in either instance. 

Nonetheless, there is no doubt the nation is in the midst of a migration crisis.

King is unwilling to blame President Biden for a crisis that was wholly created by Biden, but he concedes “the Biden administration must take responsibility for the asylum-seeking migrant issue.” 


How does King intend to solve the “immigration problem?” He wishes to reduce foreign aid to countries where migrants originate.

“The United States provides millions of dollars in foreign assistance to help El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras stem the flow of migrants by combating poverty, violence, and lack of accountability,” says King.

“The continued movement of migrants away from their nations may prove the failure of foreign aid.”

“These American tax monies should be moved to where they can do the most good: back into the United States to assist needy migrants with few possessions in leaving park benches and train stations and gaining access to necessary human services.” 

Foreign aid failed to tackle the “fundamental cause” of the migration crisis, as stated by King. This is because Biden’s catch-and-release tactics at the southern border are the actual root cause of the border crisis, not poverty in other nations. 

As long as Biden and Democrats refuse to acknowledge “if you let people in, more will follow,” the influx of migrants into the United States will continue. 

While Washington, D.C. may be swamped by 6,000 migrants over the course of three months, Arizona and Texas have already been forced to absorb nearly 300,000 migrants during the same time period.

Since Biden became president, this number has increased to over 1.3 million. The Texas governor should make it plain to Democrats that mass transit will continue until President Biden’s policy changes.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.