Dems Feud Over Manchin, Enjoy the Show

Sen. Joe Manchin’s decision to vote against climate-related measures in a budget resolution Democrats hope to approve this month outraged the left.
However, congressional Democrats say they are not interested in taking any action against him.

The Story

Rep. Andy Levin expressed his opposition to the concept of Manchin being expelled from the party.

Levin was reacting to demands that Manchin forfeits his position as chair of the Senate Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee and be expelled from the party.

Former Clinton Labor Director Robert Reich endorsed these measures.

In a recent Substack piece, Reich said Democrats would still not actually lose much if Manchin decided to join the GOP in response to such a move.

Though despite the fact Democrats emphasized the need of taking global climate action that Manchin declined to support this month, numerous House Democrats toned down any demands for Manchin to be punished.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, remarked, “I’m not very interested in it, to be honest.”

Raskin continued, calling climate change a “danger to our global defense” and a “danger to civilization.” He advised President Biden to use executive action to take “what actions we can.”

Rep. Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, responded “no” when asked about suggestions that Manchin be expelled from the Democrat Party and from his position as chairman of the Senate Energy and Mineral Resources Committee.

However, Lieu also pointed out that Manchin previously stated he was willing to consider revisiting climate measures later this year.

“According to what I understand, he was talking about a delay,” Lieu added. “You need to speak with him to learn more about what he meant by that.”

In an appearance with Hoppy Kercheval on Western Virginia’s MetroNews Talkline on Friday, Manchin indicated he could be willing to support the passage of energy and climate provisions later this year…if inflation seems to be reducing.

Manchin Isn’t Phased

Sam Runyon, a representative for Manchin, stated last week that “political stories are of no significance to the millions of Americans trying to pay food and gas as inflation jumps to 9.1 percent.”

“Senator Manchin thinks it’s time for leaders to set aside political ambitions, reassess, and adapt to the economic reality the country is facing to avoid adopting actions that fuel the inflationary fire.”

Despite Manchin’s justifications, Levin and Rep. Pramila Jayapal criticized him for opposing measures that were backed by the majority of his party.

Democrats ultimately believe that Manchin is consistently pulling the football away from his party members, just as the Peanuts character Lucy does to Charlie Brown in the series.

This is why growing numbers of Democrats want Manchin either punished or his vote diluted by adding more Democrats to the Senate.