Dems forget social distancing in their support for rioters tearing the country apart


Democrats have spent the first half of the year hysterically demanding that all Americans stay locked down at home lest the pandemic tears the country apart. In some states, this has even been backed up with legal penalties. Now, Democrats seem ‘pretty cool’ with huge crowds of protesters throwing social-distancing to the wind to riot and actually tear the country apart.

The murder of George Floyd may have been the spark, but the nation has been gradually polarizing itself for a long time. Meanwhile, Democrats, the media, and their Soros-owned cut-out leftist fellow travelers spin narratives about our country that add to the divisiveness and make decreasing amounts of sense.

For example, the idea that Russia undermined our 2016 election with a few thousand dollars of Facebook ads is a cynical excuse for the Democrats’ failure in a ‘sure thing’ election that insults the integrity and strength of American democracy. That is, it insults articles of faith for many Americans. It insults the freewill of the Americans who voted for Trump. Narratives like this, or like the narrative that it’s constitutional to sacrifice civil liberties in a pandemic that kills fewer people than the flu, suggest that the sacred things that hold our country together are not so sacred to some at the top.

Who is to blame and who benefits? More Democratic Gaslighting

The spark that lit the fire of rioting across the country was the killing of Floyd, a black man who was killed while being put under arrest in Minneapolis, the first city to burn. A video recording of Floyd’s death showed him in handcuffs while screaming “I can’t breathe!” An officer continued to kneel on his neck for at least two minutes.

The riots have spread across the country and scapegoats have been fingered left and right. First, it’s Trump’s fault for inventing American racism, then it’s all just out-of-towners or white supremacists or Russia’s puppets. According to Cornell West speaking on CNN, the cause is simply ‘the failure of America as a social experiment.’ Over six days and nights, over 4000 protesters have been arrested across the country. Lives have been lost and vast amounts of property destroyed. How the unjust death of a black man is rectified by looting Target or Walmart is unclear.

Racial inequality in injustice is always a factor in America, but looting is motivated by the frustrated consumerist desire of the unemployed and deeply indebted. If Joe Biden can get away with looting Ukraine (see the Burisma scandal) and grope every little girl he sees and still be a fit candidate for the presidency, why can’t Joe Bloe get a five-finger discount on that Nintendo Switch he was saving up for before getting laid off amidst the fake Pandemic hysteria. Besides, people are reporting pallets of bricks appearing at strategic locations nowhere near building sites in riot-hit cities across the country. Who benefits? Will violent riots kill Trump’s reelection chances? Hard to say.

Democratic leaders forget all about social distancing


The nation’s Democratic state governors have a lot to say about the riots, but their pleas for social distancing have suddenly disappeared. Governor Cuomo of New York made all gatherings illegal in March but has recently relaxed the rules. He recently tweeted that the death of Floyd is “part of a continuum of outrage and inequality. That is the reason for the rage, the frustration, the anger and the fear. The demand is for Justice. Over and over and over again.””

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has expressed similar sentiments while completely forgetting the urgency of social distancing. Amid violent protests in Detroit, Michigan Governor and lockdown fetishist Gretchen Whitmer tweeted that Floyd was one of many “victims of a systemic cycle of injustice in our country,” forgetting all about #stayhome.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, urged protestors on but asked them to remain peaceful, tweeting, “Let’s remember why we march, protect each other, and bring a peaceful end to a painful night.” His tweet right before that one goes from being ‘pretty cool’ with mass gatherings to reminding the religiously observant of PPE and social distancing regulations at their places of worship: “friendly reminder for any Angelenos returning to their houses of worship this weekend: face coverings and physical distancing are required for all services. Houses of worship must not exceed 25% of capacity or 100 people, whichever is less,” he wrote to the religious residents of the city.