Dems Found Weird Logic to Defend Their Voter Fraud

A Democratic Senate candidate from Pennsylvania claimed people of color are not likely to carry their IDs with them, so voter ID laws should not be enforced in any election across America.

Whenever Republicans support voter ID laws, Democrats accuse them of voter suppression.

Though many mainstream liberal politicians are now changing their opinion regarding the voter ID laws, after seeing a majority of Americans support these laws.

Pro-Voter Fraud Politician Comes Up with Weird Logic

John Fetterman, the former lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, is running for the US Senate against Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman believes elections should be held without voter ID laws, adding people of color are unlikely to have their voter IDs with them.

Voter ID laws are present worldwide to protect ballot integrity in elections. However, liberal lawmakers in the United States oppose such laws, claiming this is a part of Republicans’ voter suppression strategy.

During his tenure as the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, Fetterman asserted voter ID laws are completely unnecessary and harmful, as they result in low voter turnout.

Likewise, the liberal politician stated he is “horrified” by Republicans’ efforts to introduce voter ID laws all over the United States.

While talking about Pennsylvania’s voter reforms, Fetterman noted the GOP is trying to introduce voter ID laws, which will require voters to carry their ID with them whenever they come to vote.

Out-of-Touch Dems Changing Their Opinions

Although Fetterman claimed people of color are unlikely to have their IDs with them, stats suggest otherwise.

A 2015 study by a nonpartisan election watchdog, Project Vote, found that 87% of black Americans possess government-issued IDs, while 90% of Hispanics have their ID with them.

On the other hand, nearly 95% of white Americans had government-issued IDs with them in 2015. However, as the study was made in 2015, political analysts believe a big majority of people of color will have access to government-issued IDs in 2022.

Fetterman is not the only Democrat who decried extremely popular voter ID laws. Vice President Kamala Harris previously claimed people belonging to rural areas are usually unable to photocopy their IDs for voting purposes, so these laws should not be enacted.

Whereas many other Democrats who used to be the firm critic of voter ID laws are now changing their opinions.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, campaigned against voter ID laws for a long time before she flipped on the issue to support pro-voter ID legislation proposal by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

Similarly, Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock also switched his mind in favor of voter ID laws after seeing the rising support of Americans toward this ballot integrity measure.

Reportedly, an overwhelming majority of Americans support voter ID laws, which makes Democrats look out of touch with the mainstream public if they do not support these laws.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.