Dems rip each other apart over George W. Bush video

President George W. Bush visits Pentagon” (CC BY 2.0) by The U.S. Army


On Sunday morning former President George W. Bush posted a video calling for unity in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The video went viral with millions of views, causing something of a civil war of words between Democrats who took contrasting views on its message.

In the video, former President Bush says, “Let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat. In the final analysis we are not partisan combatants, we are human beings equally vulnerable and equally wonderful in the sight of God,” Bush continued. “We rise or fall together, and we are determined to rise.”

Many Democrats and other progressives immediately started shedding crocodile tears of nostalgia for the good old days of the Bush junior administration in contrast to that of our current president. Whatever one thinks of George W. Bush, given the long-disproven rationale for war of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, it’s worth remembering that unlike any president within memory, Trump has started no wars. Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue after decades with no end in sight. Obama’s intervention in Libya has left the country in chaos over a decade later and seems to have accomplished little besides the death of the American ambassador to that country.

Comments like the one above have been lept upon by other Democrats who insist that George W. is a war criminal or mass murderer. Other Democrats cry out about Bush having stolen his first election in the Florida count.

Even President Trump has responded critically to Bush’s new video, noting that the former president failed to call for unity during Trump’s impeachment debacle. As President Trump tweeted, “He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!”

While the Democrats descend into a chronic psychotic episode of cognitive dissonance and their candidate appears increasingly un-electable, Trump is killing it in the polls. The most recent polls show that 60% of Americans trust President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, far more than those who trust the Democrat-led House of Representatives. Meanwhile, a new Gallup poll shows that Trump’s overall job performance rating is hitting 49%, setting new records. The President’s approval rating among Republicans is hanging around 90%.