DeSantis is Back After Playing Nice with the Democrats

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ short period of unity with the Democrats has come to an end. During the tragedy in Surfside (in which over 90 people had been killed after a condo collapsed) the Republican governor put aside his assaults on liberals.

DeSantis worked with Miami’s Democrat mayor and other elected representatives for three weeks, giving guidance and support as rescuers looked for lives. He also acknowledged President Joe Biden for giving government aid, following the disaster; DeSantis even missed a rally with Republican former President Donald Trump in Sarasota.

It’s All Over Now – Desantis is Back

That’s it for now. DeSantis criticized the Biden government for cowardice in its treatment of Cuba this last week; the Florida governor claimed that Biden responded weakly to the wave of demonstrations that have swept the archipelago.

As the state’s COVID rates have begun to soar, DeSantis’ campaign staff introduced innovative merchandise, featuring T-shirts and caps that proclaim Don’t Fauci My Florida! Liberals went buck wild over this.

DeSantis subsequently spoke out against critical race theory in classrooms; he advocated for teachers to educate pupils more about the evils of communism during a board of education hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

Critical race theory is a theoretical idea and technique that looks at how racism has indeed been interwoven into laws and regulations that have a lasting impact on society; it also preaches that all whites are oppressors while asserting that all non-white people are victims. 

DeSantis Impressed Everyone from Democrats to Republicans

Many expected that Republicans, including Trump, would chastise DeSantis for collaborating with liberals; they particularly thought DeSantis would take heat for declining to attend Trump’s rally because the governor was overseeing the Surfside tragedy.

Conservatives from across the country praised DeSantis’ recent remarks attacking the Biden regime’s foreign policy, immunizations, and critical race theory. This sent a message that if DeSantis campaigns, he will be a political fighter and a major candidate for the 2024 nomination for president.

Also on scene at Surfside, Christian Ziegler, acting head of the Conservative Movement of Florida, said the governor showed strong and uniting direction. He did say, though, that DeSantis’ fight against critical race theory is one he didn’t give up on.  One of the biggest reasons Floridians like their governor is his capability to juggle numerous important policy platforms at the same time.

A spokeswoman for the governor, Christina Pushaw, dismissed the governor’s shift in tone. In an email, Pushaw stated that party unity on specific problems is achievable with individuals with whom you may differ on most of the other topics.

DeSantis, a congressman in the past, gained the governorship in part thanks to early support from Trump. As DeSantis works for re-election, he’s adopting Trump-style populism much more fervently, particularly as Florida’s political landscape becomes increasingly red.

Nevertheless, DeSantis’ critics praised him for his summer cooperation with liberals, despite the fact that it was brief. Liberals, who had held their fire as well, are now loudly chastising the governor.