DeSantis Plans to Build Wall and Close the Southern Border

During a weekend event in Iowa, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared if he is elected president of the United States, he will close the southern border.

DeSantis Makes Bold Speech

DeSantis made the comments during Sen. Joni Ernst’s yearly “Roast and Ride” event.

This event gives hopefuls an opportunity to interact with people who are extremely politically active and who take an active role in the state’s GOP presidential caucus.

Apart from former President Trump, all of the top Republican presidential contenders were there.

DeSantis discussed a number of crucial topics with voters during his campaign, notably wokeness, the U.S. military, as well as border security.

DeSantis stated as a Republican, he has been privy to chatter concerning the southern border for very many years.

He said when he is the president, he will have the chance to resolve this matter. The Florida governor continued by saying he would close the border completely.

DeSantis said a wall along the border will be erected and his administration will stop people coming here in large numbers. He also said they plan to hold the Mexican drug gangs responsible for the devastation they’ve inflicted on the populace of the United States.

DeSantis additionally touched on the subject of the military’s wokeness, stating if elected president, the military will return to its fundamentals the same day he takes office.

DeSantis explained he is honored to have worked in the United States Navy and completed a tour in Iraq.

The individuals he fought with were courageous. The Florida governor then added he wanted to thank all the veterans in attendance for their service. He believes everyone should feel proud to be able to wear their country’s clothing.

DeSantis to Restore the Military

Recent years have seen a rise in the politicization of the military. It is being smothered with a woke agenda, DeSantis continued.