DeSantis Saves Christmas for Floridians

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis stated on Tuesday the government devised various incentives to encourage businesses to bypass jammed ports in Democrat-controlled California and start using Florida’s ports.

This is a move DeSantis claims will address the surging supply chain crisis.

DeSantis announced the news alongside Florida Transportation Department Director Kevin Thibault (as well as Florida seaport officials) during a news conference at the Jacksonville Transit Authority.

A message from the Florida attorney general’s office

On the occasion, Jaxport said any business that wants to bring its operations to the harbor will be eligible for incentives, allowing other ports to clear backlogs and guaranteeing Americans get their orders faster.

Although Florida consistently invests in its shipping ports, Governor DeSantis was able to confirm Florida seaports are equipped to fulfill demand.

“We keep investing in our shipping ports, equipment, and workforce training year after year to ensure the resilience of our supply chain,” DeSantis added.

“I’m particularly pleased with Florida’s shipping ports. They are the government’s crown jewels. Whereas other ports in the United States are only recently announcing 24-hour services, many of our ports are accustomed to serving Florida farmers, families, and companies at all hours of the day and night.”

“As the majority of the nation grapples with massive inflation and as companies grapple with unparalleled supply chain troubles, our statement is this: Florida is here and we have the abilities.”

“We have motivation packages to help companies relocate here and we are going to ensure Americans get their Christmas presents this season,” DeSantis added.

A message from DeSantis’ office

Florida spent over $1 billion on its shipping ports since 2019 to ensure they can handle as much freight as feasible. The government also spent money on infrastructure to ensure highways can handle the current demand for freight transportation.

The Florida Department of Transportation plans to invest an extra $200 million in transportation infrastructure over the next five years. This will make sure there are no substantial deadlocks or freight transportation delays, demonstrating the state’s dedication to enhancing freight logistics.

As Florida accepts more industry and expands its port infrastructure, the country is seeing supply chain problems that haven’t been witnessed in years. The country is experiencing out-of-control hyperinflation as a result of supply chain issues.

The Social Security Administration revealed this week that pensioners will get a 5.9% rise in their payments, the highest increase in over four decades. Florida’s unusual geographic location allows it to receive diverted freight from regions where supply chain bottlenecks and productivity loss are problems.

Florida shipping ports (such as JAXPORT, as well as Port Everglades on the Atlantic Coast,  Port Tampa Bay, Port Panama City on the Gulf Coast) can rescue Christmas during the holiday period.