DeSantis Threatened With Kidnapping Charges as More Immigrants Arrive in California

Following allegations that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis assisted in organizing a plane full of migrants to the California capital from the southern border, he was recommended by California Governor Gavin Newsom to be charged with abduction.

Californian Governor Upset with DeSantis

The threat was made after the initial private jet carrying 16 illegal migrants from Venezuela and Colombia touched down in Sacramento over the weekend from New Mexico.

On Monday afternoon, an additional flight purportedly transporting 20 more migrants touched down. Although it has not been proven that DeSantis is responsible for the flights, the migrants were apparently carrying official documents from the state of Florida.

A portion of a California law that describes the possible accusation Newsom could bring up was posted.

The law states every individual, existing outside of the state, who captures or possesses by force or deception any individual (in opposition to the law of the location wherein the action took place and brings, delivers, or transports that individual inside the boundaries of this state) is culpable of kidnapping.

Before traveling to California, the migrants, who originated in Texas, close to El Paso, were initially taken to New Mexico.

Newsom Goes Back on Previous Claims

Newsom has promoted his state as a haven for refugees. In 2018, he posted on Twitter, while addressing former President Trump, saying he wanted to make it understood that California is a sanctuary state.

The leftist governor went on to add that in his state, they respect and value variety. He also declared that at every point, they have rejected the Trump administration’s racist, cruel policies and will continue to do so.

DeSantis has transported illegal immigrants to Democratic “sanctuary” states in the past. He is infamous for sending refugees to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where the liberal majority population later sent them away.