Did You Pay More for Christmas Turkey This Year?

The Biden government is seeking to avoid taking any responsibility for its own failings once again.

The other week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to argue the rise in meat costs was due to private sector profiteering, rather than the greatest consumer price increase in nearly four decades.

Blame the Shops. Why Not?

Psaki told the press “when people go to the supermarket and try to buy a pound of beef, two pounds of meat, ten pounds of meat, the costs are higher.”

That is, in Joe Biden’s opinion, “due to — you could call it predatory capitalism,” she continued. “You might call it price gouging in the midst of an epidemic.”

Jim Pillen wrote the following, “as the son of a rustic Nebraska farming family and a dressmaker, I grew up on the end of a scoops shovel and a pitchfork.”

“I’ve worked my whole life in farming, creating and growing a profitable cattle company as a vet, family farmer, and cattle farmer. I can say with confidence the Biden government’s blame game is hokum when it points a finger at anybody for higher food prices.”

One thing the Biden government is correct about is meat prices increased. Beef prices increased by more than 20% in the last year; hog prices have climbed by more than 6%. Meanwhile, chicken prices increased by more than 5%.

The costs of food surpassed the total growth in grocery expenditures, which have grown by 5 percent in the last year. Fuel, vehicles, construction materials, and other consumer and industrial goods are all growing in price, reflecting a greater inflationary tendency in the economy.

The Farmers Know Best

Although food prices have risen, no one knows how to respond to the requirements of the average consumer more than our farms and livestock suppliers. They’ve been doing it for decades, striving to provide more food of higher quality for less money.

For two basic reasons, Biden’s program is causing food costs to rise and pinching middle-class household finances. The government has prioritized wasting billions of borrowed money to further its social agenda.

As a result of the federal government creating, borrowing, and squandering trillions of dollars to promote its big government social agenda, the cost of agricultural inputs has risen considerably in the last year.

The ability of livestock farmers to hire suitable personnel has been harmed by Democrats’ lockdown policies, which pay individuals not to work.

“My dad taught me to consider nickels like manhole covers when I was a child. We had to, since we’d lose the farm if we weren’t successful every year. Biden’s stance is the polar opposite: when you’re poor, you continue to spend.”

“As a result, we’re seeing record inflation across the board, harming the very people Biden’s social programs are supposed to help: low-income families and seniors on income assistance.”