Diplomatic Disaster as France Pulls Its Ambassador from DC

In reaction to a treaty struck by the two nations, as well as the United Kingdom, which the French described as a “stab in the back,” France withdrew its embassies to America and Australia.

The French Ambassadors for DC and Australia are Heading Home

“At Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion, I have chosen to summon our embassies to America and Australia to France for meetings,” Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a press statement.

France has voiced its displeasure with a deal announced this week by Australia, the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. This agreement was to give nuclear subs to Australia and scrap a prior commitment to ship French-made subs to Australia.

The invalidation of an ocean-class submarine venture that Australia, as well as France, had already been starting to work on since 2016 was frowned upon. This as well includes the declaration of a joint initiative with the US study.

This study aimed to examine the promise of future collaborations on nuclear-powered warships and concluded amid abhorrent behavior among partner nations. One’s consequences affect the very notion France has of their coalitions and collaborations.

Earlier, Le Drian told a French radio program that now the AUKUS accord was a “stab in the back” and France indeed was “backstabbed.” AUKUS is widely seen as a threat to China’s position in the area. President Biden was also likened to previous President Trump by Le Drian.

Le Drian stated, “This violent, abrupt, and surprising choice recalls me a lot of what Mr. Trump was doing. I’m enraged and bitter. This isn’t something that happens between allies.”

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, claimed the action caused a “regional rift,” alleging that France had been informed of the agreement prior to its release. The Biden government “lamented” France’s move, according to a White House official, but will continue to be involved in the days ahead to address disagreements.

A Double Blow

After just being cut out of a deal between the US, the UK, and Australia to provide Australia with new nuclear-powered subs, France reacted angrily. The nation said the choice officially confirmed Wednesday is opposite to the letter and the spirit of the collaboration that reigned between Paris and Australia.

France also said this was predicated on a connection of political trust and the advancement of a very high-level defense industry. The gist of the statement is paraphrased as follows:

The United States’ decision to exclude a European friend and ally like France from a formulating collaboration with Australia (at a moment while we are confronted with new challenges in the Indo-Pacific area) demonstrates a lack of cohesiveness that France can only remember and mourn.

France argued that this is the case whether it be in aspects of their value systems or regard for global cooperation based on the rule of law.