Direct Evidence of Biden Family Corruption – Part 1

According to a shocking recent novel, the Biden family made $31 million from five agreements in China, all of which involved persons with direct ties to China’s surveillance apparatus.

The Details are Shocking

As per Breitbart News’ high-ranking correspondent Peter Schweizer’s book Red-Handed: How American Wealthy Elite Get Rich Working to Help China Win, Hunter Biden worked with a number of funders with strong links to Chinese intelligence.

Hunter did this during his dad’s time as vice president and in various positions of power that granted him connections and access.

According to Schweizer, Beijing has seen a direct connection with the Bidens as an opportunity for “elite capture.”

This would allow Hunter Biden to secure conferences and major bargains with people at the top levels of Chinese banking firms and the Communist Party. It would come in exchange for the ability to use the Bidens’ power to further their own interests.

A businessman by the nickname of Che Feng, or “The Super Chairman,” as Hunter and his associates called to him, was one of the key early actors in the Bidens’ Chinese ventures.

Che, the child of a PLA veteran, has been characterized as “a dark and discrete entrepreneur” for whom the father-in-law was the director of the People’s Bank of China.

His business manager was Ma Jian, the Vice Minister of State Security. Ma was apparently the head of the ministry’s No. 8 Bureau, which oversaw North American surveillance activities targeting foreigners, according to Schweizer.

“The danger of a Chinese entrepreneur with deep ties to Beijing’s intelligence service doing financial dealings with the son of the United States’ vice president cannot be emphasized.”

In Red-Handed, Schweizer argues, “How this did not set off state defense or ethics warning bells in Washington is a marvel in and of itself.”

The Chinese are Playing Us

The vice president was used to “fuse financial market might to those with connections to the highest levels of authority in the Western world.”

This led to the formation of Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) with both the Biden scion, as well as his American associates, which was “financially backed by China’s biggest government banking firms.”

Zhao Xuejun (also Henry Zhao), who founded Harvest Money Managers, is another investor the Bidens met through “The Super Chair.” Zhao was the firm’s president, as well as the Chinese Communist Party’s director-general.

Zhao also co-founded a firm called “Harvest Global Ventures” with Jia Liqing, the child of a Politburo Standing Member of the committee.

Liqing’s father, Jia Chunwang, is a former state security minister who was “in command of security services, spying, and domestic and overseas intelligence operations.”

Harvest Global Holdings, a Hunter Biden company, sent $5 million to Burnham, another Hunter Biden company.