Direct Evidence of Biden Family Corruption – Part 2

“In the realm of espionage, there is no one more formidable as Beijing,” Schweizer says. “The captivating and financially rewarding deal that Hunter was now instituting, creating BHR, involves two funders with connections to the top levels of Chinese intelligence.”

“It also involves a one-billion-dollar venture capital agreement that we first revealed in Secret Empires. It involved two funders with connections to the highest ranks of Chinese intelligence.”

“The roles performed by the spy-connected ‘Super Chair’ and Zhao are now known.”

Hunter is Caught Right Up in This

“Hunter’s job in the endeavor, as per Michael Lin, another Chinese investor, was quite direct: ‘Open as many doors as necessary in the western hemisphere for this extremely famous Bohai pro squad.'”

Hunter and his associates were also expected to “attend some of the events in HK and China they organize” when speaking with potential financial partners, according to Schweizer.

Although the Super Chairman and Ma Jian were subsequently arrested and convicted of laundering money and bribery, Hunter’s contacts with them were already formed. Zhao will serve as a channel for future agreements.

BHR eventually began purchasing or participating in strategic businesses in China and the United States.

Perhaps one of their early investments, according to Schweizer, was in China National Nuclear Power Company (CGN), with Hunter’s company serving as an “anchor shareholder.”

CGN was eventually busted as a “channel for nuclear spying in the West” by the FBI, as well as a CGN and a CGN technologist who was accused of stealing military secrets by the Obama Justice Department in 2016.

BHR also purchased Henniges Automotive, an American business that developed anti-vibration solutions for military and consumer applications.

To seal the purchase, BHR teamed with the Aviation Industry Corp of China, one of China’s leading defense contractors and a key perpetrator of U.S. defense technology stealing.

The Bidens Got Rich from American Secrets

Hunter received almost $25 million through Chinese merchants connected to the highest echelons of Chinese security between the BHR purchase and the $5 million transferred by Harvest, according to Schweizer.

Hunter would ultimately be presented to CEFC China Energy President Ye Jiemaing (Jainming), someone he would form a good working relationship connection and chat with “on a routine basis.”

Hunter acted as Ye’s “personal adviser” and collaborated with him to help CEFC grow into a global energy conglomerate. There were operations in Oman, Romania, Colombia, as well as Luxembourg.

“CEFC was located in a compound in Shanghai’s French Quarter sector, an area ‘mainly dominated by China’s armed services,” according to the report. One of Ye’s early business associates was the relative of Marshal Ye Jianying, “one of China’s military pioneers.”

A star appears in the company brand of the business Hunter Biden was now advising and which would reward him millions. It promotes ‘civil rights,’ according to corporation documents on its English site.

The star, though, means “this company will play a significant and strong role for the sake of the Chinese state and country” on the firm’s Chinese-language website, according to Schweizer.