Direct Evidence of Biden Family Corruption – Part 3

CEFC was another significant beneficiary of the Chinese military, as the corporation was an oil provider to the People’s Liberation Army. It played an important role in China’s belt and road plan.

The Money Trail

Hunter and Ye would form two companies, Hudson West IV and SinoHawk, to allow the chair to invest in American infrastructure. The Biden family got a total of $6 million through Ye’s businesses.

Hunter allegedly suggested holding 10% of the company for the “big guy,” Joe Biden, in an agreement with CEFC. Hunter then formed a friendship with the Chairman’s “envoy,” Gongwen Dong.

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Dong, however, was not only an “ambassador” for the president at the time; he was also the CFO of Beijing-based Radiance Investment Properties, which was governed by Lam Ting Keung.

Keung is an entrepreneur with deep ties to “united front” groups linked to Chinese government spies and a supporter of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

This is a key component of the CCP’s united front efforts, which frequently serve as covers for the Chinese intelligence activities.

“To summarize, the Bidens obtained each agreement in China through an entrepreneur with significant ties to the Chinese government at the top levels.”

“In each case, there seems to have been little visible commercial or professional activity delivered in exchange for the money,” writes Schweizer.

“Hunter Biden, as well as Joe Biden, muddied their funds,” says Schweizer in the book, referring to evidence earlier revealed by the New York Post that the Biden family firm was paying invoices for Biden’s expenditures.

A 2019 text by Hunter Biden towards his daughter, Naomi, was retrieved in the notorious “Laptop From Hell.”

In this, he says, “I pray you all can accomplish what I did and pay every single thing for this entire extended family for 30 years. It’s quite difficult, but, unlike Pop, I’m not going to make you pay me half your income.”

It Gets Personal

On the hard disk drive, there is also a letter to Hunter from 2010 with the subject line, JRB invoices, detailing bills for subcontractors hired for maintenance on the senior Biden’s Wilmington home, which Hunter must pay.

“In June, the expenses should include $2,600 to carry out the works Earle Downing for a stone retaining wall’ at Joe’s Wilmington property.”

It should also include $1,475 to painter Ronald Peacock to decorate the ‘back wall and new columns’ of the residence, and $1,239 to constructor Mike Christopher for repair work to the air con at Joe’s late mother, Jean ‘Mom-Mom’ Biden’s chalet.

This was on his estate and he would later release this to the Secret Service.

In Red-Handed, Peter Schweizer also shows that Rosemont Seneca, another of Hunter’s many businesses, set up different phone lines to reach then-Vice President Joe Biden and settled for the monthly cost, a move Schweizer labels “illegal.”