‘Disaster’ Kamala Harris Picked for Gender, Skin Color Democrat Dissident Says

Kamala Harris got selected to be Joe Biden’s running mate on the 2020 Democrat ticket, solely because of her gender and skin color.

Sleepy Joe is now about to make the same “mistake” with his upcoming nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice, Democrat dissident Tulsi Gabbard warned.

In 2020, Gabbard, a former House Democrat, dropped out of the Democratic primary election and endorsed Biden. However, she has recently become a particularly outspoken public critic of the Biden administration.

Harris Has Been a Disaster

Gabbard declared in a tweet that Kamala has been “a disaster” simply because she wasn’t chosen based on her qualifications, but because of her gender and race.

Gabbard is the first Samoan-American to become a voting member of the US Congress. She seemed appalled that Biden now plans to nominate the next member of the Supreme Court “on the same criteria”.

The former Hawaii representative ended her Twitter post by declaring “identity politics” is destroying our country.

Even though a scenario in which Sleepy Joe nominates Kamala to the Supreme Court isn’t considered very likely (as he himself says he wants to keep her as a running mate for the 2024 election), it isn’t impossible.

Its political logic boils down to Biden getting rid of his unpopular veep while allowing her to save face by ending up on the SCOTUS bench.

If that happens, the American public might witness a technically legal, but absurd, scenario in which Kamala casts the tie-breaking Senate vote to elect herself to the Supreme Court.

Tulsi Gabbard is one of the relatively few voices in the Democrat Party who criticized Biden’s promise to pick his Supreme Court nominee largely, if not fully, based on skin color and sex. Most of the criticism in that regard has naturally come from Republicans.

Sleepy Joe ‘Can’t Stand’ Kamala?

However, on Monday, during her regular news briefing, Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki (herself in hot water for disparaging Americans’ concerns over the crime spike) actually compared Sleepy Joe to President Ronald Reagan.

According to Psaki, Biden’s pledge to appoint the first black woman to the Supreme Court has the same meaning as Reagan’s promise to appoint the first woman.

Psaki argued, “there is a wealth” of talented and qualified black female nominees who Biden can select.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Republican US Senator Ted Cruz made clear his understanding that Kamala Harris is a “likely nominee” since, in his words, Sleepy Joe just “can’t stand her”.

On his podcast, The Verdict with Ted Cruz, he insisted that not just Joe Biden, but also the entire Democrat Party, would breathe a sigh of relief if Kamala is shipped off to the Supreme Court bench.

This is because she’s Biden’s “presumed successor,” but carries very strong political negatives.