Does Biden Plan to Bankrupt America? Is there is Bigger Agenda at Play?

It is a serious accusation to make, but Joe Biden’s new unthinkable $6 trillion dollar spending bill will cause world war era levels of debt and cripple the nation. 

“Sen Joe Biden at Center for American Progress Action Fund May 20, 2008” by Center for American Progress Action Fund is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The budget, set to be proposed on Friday, will increase the deficit up by $1.3 trillion dollars through the next decade; this includes $6 trillion to be spent in 2022 and rising to $8.2 trillion by 2031. Much of this increased spending is due to infrastructure plans and social benefits.

The Agenda at Play

The agenda is clear: raise spending and subsequently debt to critical levels, raise the tax to cover the costs; then watch the economy crash and depression kick in, seize the means of production and distribution, nationalize all banks and industry, and bingo, you have a socialist/communist state in several simple steps.

Make no mistake, this is no conspiracy theory. This is a real agenda and the actions of the Democrat Party have done nothing to dissuade us from the truth. It actually goes bigger than the Democrats; the UN sustainable development goals set it out in great detail what the global agenda is. 

The sustainable development goals or Agenda 2030 sound lovely on the surface: no hunger, no poverty, equality among many others.

The plan doesn’t openly detail how this will be possible without a massive redistribution of the wealth however; that’s exactly what it requires to function. Put simply, they need your money, and they will take it if they are given the chance.

Where does America fit in?

What does ending global poverty and hunger have to do with America? It’s a good question.

Instead of encouraging economic growth in struggling parts of the world, they would rather use American money to hand out welfare programs and basic minimum wages. 

Take the communist approach of the early 20th century for example. In Russia, when the communists took over, the wealth was taken from the rich city dwellers and redistributed among all aspects of the population in the form of universal basic income.

In the global aspect, if the whole world was united under one flag, America and western Europe would represent the cities and the rest of the world as rural Russia. 

In order to achieve their goals, they need their hands on the most valuable asset of all history, the American taxpayer. For this sick dream to become a reality, they first need to break the system, remove the opposition, and have a great excuse to do it. That excuse is economic collapse.

The best way of accelerating economic collapse is overspending, raising taxes, crashing the economy; then, as an “emergency measure,” size the banks, land, and industry to make sure Americans always have food on the table.