Dr. Fauci Has Now an “Open Mind” on COVID Lab Leak Theory

Dr. Fauci finally acknowledged he is not ruling out the possibility that coronavirus was leaked from a Chinese lab. 

For a long time, Fauci has tried to dismiss the lab leak theory and accused Republicans of propagating conspiracy theories regarding the virus.

Fauci Reconsidering His Claims

Speaking to Fox News host Bret Baier, Fauci noted he has “to keep an open mind” concerning the COVID lab leak claims. However, Fauci added the probability of COVID’s “natural occurrence” is still high.

Baier pressed Fauci on his leaked emails, in which the doctor called the COVID lab leak theory a “shiny object that will go away.”

Responding to this, Fauci called Baier a “good person,” adding he should not stop at the emails, but look to the subsequent investigations. These found out that COVID was indeed a natural occurrence.

According to Fauci, just because “more people are saying” that the lab leak theory is correct does not mean that there is “more evidence” to back these claims.

Previously, Fauci faced Republican criticism accusing him of covering up the government’s attempt to hide the true origin of coronavirus.

Republican Senator Rand Paul recently told Fox News that if Republicans win back Congress in November midterms, Fauci will need to testify under oath about COVID origins and the gain of function research that Fauci’s office was sponsoring in the Wuhan lab of China.

Speaking on the Fox News program, “America Reports,” Paul noted he “do(es) fully believe” that a pandemic which killed nearly six million people was leaked from the lab.

Similarly, the senator suggested Dr. Fauci is intentionally misleading people about the authenticity of lab leak claims, even at a time when his own institution was funding a Chinese lab.

Fauci’s Own Institute is Not Backing Him

Interestingly enough, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has busted Fauci’s lies.

Dr. Fauci stated numerous times that NIH did not sponsor gain-of-function research on coronavirus-infected bats in a Chinese lab.

However, the organization acknowledged that it funded a “limited experiment” to study if coronavirus present in bats is capable of “binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.”

Reportedly, NIH channeled millions of dollars to a New York-based nonprofit, EcoHealth Alliance, which claims to protect humans and animals from infectious diseases.

Afterward, EcoHealth funneled more than $600,000 from American taxpayers to a Wuhan lab to facilitate coronavirus research.

This is a sharp contradiction of Fauci’s previous remarks, who testified in front of Congress that NIH did not fund any Wuhan study.

When Sen. Paul pressed the doctor in his previous congressional testimony, Fauci claimed he “never lied before Congress,” adding the senator “do(es) not know” what he is talking about.

A new book, “What Really Happened in Wuhan,” by an Australian investigative journalist even revealed that Fauci misled President Trump on gain-of-function research in China.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.