Dr Fauci’s Reputation is Plummeting

"Dr, Fauci, the one we trust." by FolsomNatural is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A recent poll has shown that the public faith in America’s “leading” COVID-19 experts, has dropped significantly. This is no doubt because he keeps changing his story, has contradicted himself, and clings on to draconian lockdown measures despite data proving them unnecessary.

The poll by Trafalgar Group asked whether people’s confidence in Dr. Fauci has increased or decreased over the past year. The results were interesting, to say the least with 42.2% of those questioned indicated that their trust had decreased.

This significant number is divided into two categories, the first of which is the segment of voters that felt their confidence had decreased slightly, that percentage was 12.1%. The most significant number however is those who felt their confidence had sharply decreased. That percentage stands at 30.1%.

The result among Democrat voters was also a scathing one with 20% saying their trust in the doctor had decreased. However, in typical Democrat fashion, 32.4% still said it had increased.

Drama in Congress

Recently in Congress, Fauci admitted to Senator Rand Paul that the virus could have been developed in a lab in China. This is a massive contradiction to Fauci’s earlier comments saying it absolutely did not come from a lab. This is another example of why confidence in him has dropped.

Fauci Admits Wearing Masks After Vaccine is Not Scientific

Dr. Fauci admitted on television while being ironically grilled by CNN that wearing masks indoors after receiving the vaccine is based more on imagery rather than science. He added that the chances of getting infected in an indoor setting are extremely low.

Dr. Fauci Isn’t the Only Flip Flop Democrat

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was caught after she didn’t wear a mask on a trip to the White House; this happened a day after she fined Republican House representatives for not wearing masks on the House floor. 

Maybe this is why Democrats are set to lose support in the coming midterms elections. They have constantly contradicted themselves over the COVID-19 saga and appear to keep double standards between themselves and the public. 

In 2020, Pelosi was embroiled in scandal when she got caught out on security tape attending a salon in California while the state had a ban on such businesses operating.

This double standard hurt her reputation badly; the resulting scandal also most likely increased public distrust in Democrat officials who have been making a trend of issuing rules for the working class and living by different rules.

Another affecting public opinion of the Democrats is their insistence on draconian lockdown measures that are not only devastating to small and medium-sized businesses, but are in most cases completely unnecessary. It is almost as if they are there simply for the sake of having a lockdown which is sadistic.