Dr. Leana Wen Reverses, Says Pandemic Losses Were Hugely Overcounted

During the COVID epidemic, CNN medical expert and Washington Post writer Dr. Leana Wen was renowned as an advocate of harsh laws and a voice of pessimism.

She even argued only the inoculated should enjoy the rights of pre-pandemic life. It is also not unexpected that Wen is an abortion fanatic and former Planned Parenthood director.

Now Realizes The Truth??

When many individuals have been silenced and fired for claiming the same thing, namely that COVID fatalities have been significantly overcounted, it’s a bit rich to hear her suddenly pretending as if she’s just discovered some fresh evidence that changes her mind.

In an op-ed published by the Washington Post on Friday, the doctor reversed her position and, without admitting any wrongdoing, entirely discredited most of what she has been advocating over the past few years.

Approximately 400 COVID fatalities occur daily in the United States, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There would be over 150,000 fatalities each year at such a rate.

However, are these Americans dying with or out of COVID? This is the question so many people have been asking. Most knew the answer: significantly less than they claimed.

She said two infectious disease specialists with whom she spoke felt that the number of deaths ascribed to COVID is far higher than the actual number of COVID-related deaths.

The news that Dr. Wen now realizes this, over three years into the outbreak, is astounding and disgraceful.

Before she became a strong advocate for penalizing the public for not rigorously complying with COVID regulations, might she not have questioned these two authorities years ago?

This is not the only time she has had to move backward; in December 2021, after serving as a mask enthusiast, she infamously reversed her attitude on mask regulations.


She stated that Robin Dretler, an emergency doctor at Emory Decatur Hospital and the past head of Georgia’s branch of Infectious Diseases Society of America, believes at his hospital, 90% of individuals testing positive for COVID are at the hospital for some other ailment.

Since every admitted patient is tested for COVID, he stated many are inadvertently positive.

Upon hospitalization, COVID is discovered in a large number of patients who present significant illnesses. However, this is not the reason they went to the hospital in the first place, nor is it the cause of their death if they did not survive.

Wen stated if these individuals pass away, COVID may be listed among their other illnesses on their death certificate. However, the coronavirus was not the primary cause of their demise and frequently played no role.

Unkind reactions greeted Wen’s abrupt emergence.

It’s commendable that Dr. Wen is now waking up to the truth, but the fact remains that she, almost the entire medical community, and the Biden administration deceived the American public for years.

In her piece, she never apologized or repudiated past remarks. Many leftists who exclusively receive their news from CNN and The Washington Post were unaware most of the material they were receiving was utter nonsense.

Leana Wen will require much more than this to restore her ruined reputation.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.