Drag Queen is Facing Jail Time Over Child Pornography

"Transgender Pride flag" by Quinn Dombrowski

It’s not every day that justice gets served, but this time, it might just be the case.

This is even more surprising, considering the alleged perpetrator’s background and affiliation with the LGBTQ community.

Namely, Brice Williams, known by his stage name Anastasia Diamond, has been charged on 25 accounts of possession of child pornography. He downloaded this content to his personal computer between May and December 2020.

“Trans flag” by Quinn Dombrowski

The “G” stands For Groomers

The dozens of photos and 25 videos in question all depicted nude boys below the age of consent, sometimes even performing sexual acts. That will hopefully be enough to lock this sicko up for good.

What makes the entire thing worse though, is Williams was hailed as a hero by local news outlets in Pennsylvania.

They claimed him to be a “beacon of Pride” who celebrates it 365 days a year, completely unaware the man under the mask was nothing more than a child predator.

Outside of his nighttime “profession,” Brice is an HIV case manager at Chambersburg’s Keystone Health Center and at a “safe space” center for Black and Brown LGBTQ youth.

This takes on an entirely new perspective now that it’s clear this man can’t be trusted with children, regardless of whether they’re part of the LGBT community or not.

This is especially true, considering the extremely sensitive nature of his work, as medical workers often form strong bonds with their patients.

Pennsylvania news outlet fails to do its research

To make matters worse, Brice was even crowned the LGBT community’s rising star in 2020 by Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ center.

This means they’re willing to give out prizes to just about anyone, even individuals performing in drag in front of children.

When he’s not scouring the world wide web for revealing photos of underage boys, Brice is probably thinking up the next adjective to add to his social media profiles.

Although one can tell a lot of thought was put into “Black Genderqueer Social Worker & Drag Queen.”

It’s almost as if our society is purposely awarding individuals like this with a platform just to see how far we can push the limits. Judging by what’s been found on Brice’s computer, we’ve already gone way past the point of no return.

Thankfully, as soon as the charges were made public, the UPMC spared no time in firing Williams.

After his firing, they followed it up with a statement regarding the safety of their patients; although they cannot confirm whether he was ever on GLO premises without the presence of another staff member.

Additionally, Williams was removed from the Franklin Country Coalition for Progress’ Board of Directors, which reiterated they’re against all forms of child abuse and sexual exploitation.

Williams may not be the last, though. We’ve seen drag shows for children across the country, signaling there are still hundreds of predators just like him, hiding in plain sight.