Elon Musk Meets with Republican Leadership

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Twitter, unexpectedly traveled to the US Capitol on Thursday to visit with Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, and Hakeem Jeffries, the Minority Leader of the House.

Musk Wants Fairness

After assuming control as CEO of the social media business in October, Musk claimed he spoke with the two House leaders to explore methods and ensure Twitter is impartial to both parties on the political spectrum.

He posted to Twitter, saying he’d just had a meeting with Speaker McCarthy and House Minority Leader Jeffries to make sure that his platform is equitable to both parties.

McCarthy left the meeting with Musk without revealing what had been discussed. The software tycoon wished the Speaker a happy birthday. Musk informed reporters that he had come to wish McCarthy a happy birthday as he turned 58 on Thursday.

According to Bloomberg, McCarthy claimed he did not address the recent increase in the debt ceiling to $31.4 trillion and disregarded all other queries on it.

After their visit on the second story was over, neither Musk nor the media were present as he left the room or the structure.

Musk, a longtime supporter of McCarthy, spoke out in favor of him becoming speaker during the turbulent, days-long speaker vote among House Republicans. After 15 votes, the California Republican was elected speaker.

Since advising individuals to vote Republican and doing so himself in the special election held in Texas’ 34th district, the software tycoon has gained popularity among the political right. He made it known that he voted for Texas Rep. Mayra Flores, a Republican.

In the midst of his $44 billion acquisition and subsequent takeover of Twitter, he further developed into a fervent supporter of free expression. After a public vote called for the restoration of former President Donald Trump, he later revived his profile.

On Tuesday, he had previously spoken with Republican Party donors and leaders in Wyoming, telling them that the GOP needed to appear more sympathetic.

In answer to a query from another participant, he stated that Republicans needed to reach out to immigrants more.

On Tuesday, Musk tweeted that he supported the left half of the Republicans and the right half of the Democrats; this was just before he appeared to be kidding about purchasing Manchester United.

Musk Appeared at a Conference

Musk spoke at the conference in Wyoming, cautioning participants about the perils of socialism and praising free-market capitalism.

At the conference, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX reportedly grumbled about a $11 billion tax liability resulting from selling specific Tesla stock.

Musk cast his ballot for Texas Republican Rep. Mayra Flores, who claimed a special election in June to succeed Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela, who left to work as a lobbyist.

In May, Musk said through Twitter that the Democrat Party had turned into the party of hatred and division.