English Footballer Stands up to “Marxist” BLM

"International Students Visit Nottingham Forest Football Club" by Nottingham Trent University is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lyle Taylor, who plays for the English soccer club, Nottingham Forest, says he will not be taking the knee for the black lives matter movement, branding them “Marxists,” who “racial unrest.”

Taylor said he has been branded a racist and called names like “Uncle Tom” and a “coon,” for standing up to the organization. He said that he felt some white footballers took the knew because they were affraid of being branded racists.

British Politition Nigel Farage added his thaughts to what Taylor had to say:

“I took the decision because I felt that enough was enough,” he said, according to LBC radio, adding that “not enough people have looked into the organization that has kind of brought this all to the fore.”

“I said before that I agree with the message that black lives do matter and something needs to be done about that to actually teach the message that the racial inequality and the societal injustice needs to stop,” Taylor said.

“But by the same token, we are hanging our hat on a Marxist group who are … looking to defund the police, they’re looking to use societal unrest and racial unrest to push their own political agenda, and that’s not what black people are, we’re not a token gesture or a thing to hang your movement on just because it’s what’s powerful and what’s going on at the moment.”

In January, Taylor told the Sun: “I do not support Black Lives Matter as an institution, as an organization,” he said. “I’d request anyone who blindly supports Black Lives Matter to have a look to what that organization does and what it stands for — because it’s scandalous the fact that the whole world and the whole world’s media got behind Black Lives Matter.”

Breitbart News reported that, Taylor’s criticism of BLM is not the only times he’s been “politically incorrect.” For example, the soccer player rejected the canceling of the term “mixed race” for “dual heritage.” The Daily Wire pointed out.

“You have some people saying you can’t say black. You can’t say mixed race because it’s now dual heritage. No, no. I’m mixed race. My mum is white and my dad is black,” he said, adding, “He’s black, not colored. My mum is white, not, I don’t know, beige. The problem is the words we use and which words we can use. We get told you can’t say certain words so often. I don’t want to be called dual heritage.”

“Are we going the same way as people choosing their pronouns, saying I don’t want to be called he or him, I want to be it or they or them. Are we maybe missing the point?”