Eric Adams Abandons “Sanctuary City” Claim, Following Border Trip

President Joe Biden took a trip to the Mexican border, someplace close to it. He got a scrubbed perspective of the turmoil he’s created, which is not likely to alter any of his policy initiatives. This trip took place last week.

Similarly, New York City Mayor Eric Adams paid a visit to the boundary on Sunday. After receiving a taste of the repercussions of undocumented immigrants that governors have faced, he is ready to raise the white flag and give up.

Number of Immigrants

Reuters said while Adams was in El Paso, he made the statement that there was space in New York, which has long classified itself as a “sanctuary city.”

Adams made this proclamation as a reaction to the large numbers of illegal immigrants transported by bus to New York from Texas, Arizona, and other states.

Oddly, Adams recently lamented the fact that Colorado’s Democratic Governor Jared Polis was now moving illegal immigrants to New York as well.

He whined about an incident in which they were forced to contend with Republican governors who were bringing migrants to New York. They are currently dealing with Democratic governors who are sending immigrants to New York.

Adams also voiced his displeasure with Biden, stating the moment has come for the national government to take responsibility for its role in addressing the flow of illegal immigrants entering the country.

Adams decided on Sunday to attend the border tour that he had been invited to by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Adams traveled there to ask for assistance in tackling the blowback of the border crisis. This suggests that New York City may no longer be the sanctuary that it was hailed as being in the past.

In the past, Adams criticized Abbott and hinted at the possibility of legal action being taken against Texas.


As a candidate for mayor of New York City, Adams took a hard line on the issue of illegal immigration. He not only pledged to keep New York City’s status as a sanctuary city, but he also promised to make it possible for illegal immigrants to cast ballots in city elections.

Adams decreed a state of emergency ever since 61,000 illegal immigrants arrived in his city.

This number is a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of people who have crossed the Texas border since Biden was elected president, even though New York receives fewer people than neighboring states on average.

Adams once said the influx of immigrants impacted every service they offer. He said it would have an effect on schooling. It would concern the funds utilized to clean the streets and it would have an impact on public safety.

According to a recent story by Reuters, New York authorities stated the city would spend up to $2 billion to handle the influx of illegal immigrants arriving from neighboring states as governors, such as Abbott, transport them to self-proclaimed sanctuary states.

The Soros group that challenged Governor DeSantis over migrant transports faces accusations of illicit lobbying.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.