Even China Gets that Biden Messed Up


The Biden government, according to China’s state-run Global Times, “failed in its first year in power.”

China is claiming the Biden administration ultimately failed in the fight against the Wuhan coronavirus, particularly the current omicron variant epidemic.

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It’s Not Quite What You Think

Biden’s intentions to give 500 million at-home testing kits and urge vaccine booster doses were ridiculed by a Chinese communist publication as “placebo-like” and “too less, too late.”

“Did you realize there are 330 million citizens? Your number of tests appears to be woefully inadequate. How come this wasn’t resolved MONTHS ago,”  a Chinese facebook user yelled at Biden, per the Global Times.

The purpose of the Global Times’ criticism was to scare the US back into lockdowns, with further concerns about America’s “destructive” desire to host family Christmas festivities.

According to Yang Zhanqiu, acting director of Wuhan University’s pathogen biology department, fast tests can only discover patients.

Quarantining and treating patients, as well as preventing widespread transmission, necessitates the process of measurement, such as the social policy of staying at home, as opposed to what Biden mentioned about Christmas celebrations.

On Wednesday, Lü Xiang, a US affairs expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the Global Times Biden’s proposals contained no additional legislation and were simply words of comfort.

Controlling communicable diseases necessitates stringent societal measures, but even the president, according to Lü, cannot follow the simple steps of wearing a mask in public places.

Apparently, Biden’s Not Authoritarian Enough

The Global Times threw in a slew of other negative aspects of Biden’s first year, such as his low approval ratings and rising U.S. inflation rates. The outlet then predicted that Biden will “likely complete his first year in office as the first U.S. leader who so failed in the first year.”

The Communist Party of China professes to have almost entirely eradicated the Chinese coronavirus more than a year ago; yet the city of Xi’an currently has about 13 million people under confinement to control a coronavirus outbreak.

The massive lockdowns were allegedly caused by a limited number of instances, including only seven omicron illnesses across the country.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that China shut down Dongxing, a 200,000-person city on the Vietnamese border, due to one single coronavirus infection.

The Chinese Communist Party believes its autocratic regime is preferable to chaotic, disobedient Western democracies because it can implement extreme lockdowns at a moment’s notice.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported China’s “zero COVID” lockdown-heavy approach is causing more economic damage than the government cares to admit, citing an increasing number of firms reporting delayed shipments, reduced production, and entire shutdowns.

As a consequence, some Chinese border and port communities have seen major economic contractions.