Even Leftists Agree, Facebook’s “Meta” Needs to Go

Jacobin, a left-wing publication, has taken shots at Facebook (now branded as Meta) and declared the firm’s new digital metaverse should be halted. According to the publication, Mark Zuckerberg has discovered yet another technique to “terraform our lives for profits.”

Scraping Every Inch of Profit from Our Lives

Jacobin finds fault with Facebook’s virtual metaverse initiative in an article headlined, “Facebook’s ‘Metaverse’ Must Be Destroyed.” In this letter, he claims the new online environment is just another effort to “colonize our lives for the sake of profit.”

The article writer, the intriguingly titled Paris Marx, points out one of the metaverse’s main selling points has indeed claimed it can be used not only to game and interact, but also to work and hold conferences.

However, Marx is concerned this could be a bad thing.

Work programs are deemed important to the metaverse, as evidenced by recent Microsoft releases and Facebook’s own Horizon Workshops, but why the current demand in virtual office settings?

Many employees, especially those in the computer industry, went offsite during the epidemic to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but now they don’t want to go back.

Employers used a variety of software to keep track of their staff when they weren’t at work, and metaverse programs would provide new and better ways to do so.

You’ll be expected to be present in the virtual workplace if you can’t be in the real one…and every minute you’re there will be scrutinized.

Is Facebook Spying on Us?

However, the transition could be far more profound than an increase in monitoring. Through the new economy and networks like Mechanical Turk, companies such as Uber and Amazon implemented algorithmic management methods to limit employees’ independence and improve production objectives in the 2010s.

They also increased the number of people engaged in piece work. The metaverse, according to Ball, will be “the next great labor platform.” Zuckerberg claims it will provide “people access to employment and more locations.”

Marx goes on to say Silicon Valley companies have a “start moving fast and break stuff” mentality. This is good for building goods and services, but bad for the lives of those who are affected by a whole new environment like the metaverse.

Silicon Valley has a reputation for believing it can do what it wishes. Its main corporations have mostly bypassed restrictions and changed how we communicate in order to increase profits, while creating harm to society.

As the pressure to make the metaverse a reality intensifies, we must be prepared to fight back. However, we should begin to go beyond the technology industry’s ambitions for innovations that fit their commercial interests.

Instead, we should consider how technology may be produced for the general good.