Ex-NYC Mayor Walks Out of 9/11 Ceremony Amidst Kamala Harris’ Controversial Remarks

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, known for his heroic leadership during the 9/11 attacks, walked out of the 22nd anniversary ceremony of the tragic event.

The reason? A controversial statement made by Vice President Kamala Harris left him and many others in disbelief.

The United States has seen significant changes since the devastating 9/11 attacks in 2001. Fast forward to 2021, and the Biden administration, including Joe Biden and Mark Milley, handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban.

This move led to an unsettling shift in the perception of patriotic American citizens, who are now viewed as enemies of the state.

This new reality is one where law-abiding grandmothers can have their homes raided by FBI agents and be imprisoned for months for merely walking through open doors at the US Capitol.

Giuliani, once hailed as a hero for his actions on 9/11, is now considered an enemy of the state by the Biden regime. His feelings about this shift were made clear during an interview with Benny Johnson after the 9/11 ceremony.

During the conversation, Giuliani expressed his frustration with the current administration’s approach to national security.

He criticized their lax immigration policies, which he believes could potentially allow terrorists to enter the country freely. He also voiced his concern over the administration’s perceived indifference toward the threat posed by Islamic terrorists, China, and drug cartels.

Giuliani’s discontent reached a boiling point when Vice President Kamala Harris compared the January 6th incident at the Capitol to the 9/11 attacks.

This comparison was not only offensive to Giuliani, but also to the memory of the nearly 3,000 victims who lost their lives on that fateful day. Unable to bear the disrespect, Giuliani decided to leave the ceremony after about 45 minutes.

Giuliani’s decision to walk out was not just a personal protest, but a statement against the current administration’s perceived betrayal of those who have fought terrorism since 9/11.

He expressed his concern over the open border policy, which he believes could potentially allow any extremist to enter the country. He also criticized the administration’s lack of action against China’s alleged role in the fentanyl crisis, which claims thousands of American lives each year.

In his interview, Giuliani did not hold back his criticism of Kamala Harris. He vehemently disagreed with her comparison of January 6th to September 11th, highlighting the stark differences between the two events.