Executive Overreach? How Far Will Biden Go?

Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (DPC), requested on Sunday that President Biden violate legislative authority and enact the $1.9 trillion reconciliation package by presidential decree.

We cannot help but recognize the parallels here to that famous moment in the Star Wars movies where the Chancellor of the Galactic Senate is given emergency powers. He, of course, never gives them back and uses them to destroy democracy.

Emergency Powers!

“We are urging the government to take immediate unilateral action to improve people’s lives.”

“Taking unilateral action will also send a message to those who are opposing Build Back Better that the White House and liberals are committed to delivering for Americans,” Jayapal said in the Washington Post.

Jayapal declared she will publish a plan for Congress to give the executive branch legislative authority in order to enlarge the welfare state and restructure the economy to support “climate action.”

Jayapal made no mention of any sanctions imposed on China for its part in global pollution.

“The CPC will soon unveil a strategy for these efforts, which will include cutting costs, safeguarding the health of every family, and demonstrating to the rest of the world the US is genuine about climate change,” she said.

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who represents a state Biden lost by approximately 40 points, was blamed by Jayapal for the reconciliation program’s collapse. Despite the fact that 50 Senate Republicans joined Manchin in opposing the bill, Jayapal merely blamed Manchin for its downfall.

“On Dec. 20, Sen. Manchin broke his promise to President Biden and seemed to kill the bill on national TV. This was a startling rejection of his own party’s president in a place where your word is all,” Jayapal concluded.

Where Will All the Money Come From?

Despite the fact the cost of the program was estimated to be $4.9 trillion by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Jayapal claimed the spending is “urgent,” citing the omicron strain as the rationale.

“Today, the administration’s agenda is even more pressing,” she stated. “As COVID-19 has once again disturbed people’s capacity to work, care for children and the elderly, get medical care, and earn a living, the omicron variant is soaring.”

Inflation hit a 40-year high in December, prompting Jayapal’s editorial piece in the Washington Post. Manchin is concerned that spending roughly $4.9 trillion will drive inflation even further.

On December 20, Manchin remarked on Fox News Sunday, “I cannot vote to support this piece of legislation. I’m sorry, but I’m not able to do that. I’ve tried every physically feasible option.”

“My Democrat friends in Washington are bound and determined to fundamentally change America’s culture by such a means that our nation becomes even more exposed to the threats we confront,” Manchin concluded.