Failed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Has Big Plans

If there’s one name that patriots hoped they wouldn’t have to hear again, it’s Bill de Blasio. While serving as New York City’s mayor, de Blasio enacted every possible policy of the far left and oversaw the descent of his city into chaos and disorder.

New York currently has record-high homicide rates, along with escalating homelessness and poverty. De Blasio’s billion-dollar budget cut to the NYPD in 2020 is partly to thank for that.

Though then again, virtue signaling is always more important to entitled progressives than actual efficacy.

You’d think with his shameful record that de Blasio would slink away into the shadows and let new Mayor Eric Adams do his job.

Though no, this pompous progressive is coming back; this time, he has even bigger political dreams than before.

De Blasio is Running for Congress

In a very cringe appearance on the show Morning Joe on Friday, de Blasio said he is running for the US Congress to represent New York’s 10th District.

According to his speech, de Blasio said his run for higher office is motivated by compassion.

He supposedly feels bad about “people hurting” and wants to “help” them. He claimed his years of “serving” New York make him ideally positioned to go to Washington and represent the people of New York.

In fact, they make him uniquely unqualified, because his years leading New York show a track record of abysmal failure and mismanagement.

Speaking on the show Morning Joe with a foolish grin on his face, de Blasio presented a confident demeanor about his run.

There’s no doubt he has some big money donors in his pocket and years of connections built up from his time running Gotham.

De Blasio is also likely to pick up significant support from the Democrat Party at the national level. This will make him able to tap into various parts of its grassroots and funding mechanisms.

More About New York’s 10th District

As always, politics comes down to the people who live and vote in each district. New York’s 10th district is a small area with a massive population of approximately 730,000.

It is mainly comprised of Brooklyn and also includes west midtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, part of Morningside Heights, Tribeca, and New York’s financial region.

It’s a tightly-packed district with a population that’s 37% Jewish. Democrat Jerry Nadler currently serves in Congress for the 10th district, but he’s planning a jump over to run for the 12th district instead.

De Blasio has a lane to run and win here, but having this guy in Congress is not good news. While his mistakes and showboating may occasionally appear comical, they can do real damage to the country, especially on a national level in Congress.