Fauci Could Face Criminal Investigation Over Leaked Emails

"Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director" (CC BY 2.0) by NIAID

Many Americans are not happy with Anthony Fauci. The mass release of his early 2020 emails essentially proves that Fauci concealed information and lied to the public about COVID, masks, the origins of the virus, and much more. 

A fair number of people in this nation already had their doubts about Fauci. However, the email leak only confirms what people knew about this so-called expert, deep down. Fauci is dishonest; yet, even in the wake of cold hard evidence providing his duplicity, Fauci’s still attempting to pass the buck. 

“HHS/NIH COVID-19 Vaccine Kick-Off event” (CC BY 2.0) by NIAID

In interviews since the leak of his emails, Fauci’s dismissed valid censure against him. This so-called expert has also alleged that Americans who support Trump lack an understanding of science.

However, Fauci cannot make this go away. According to Breitbart News, the health official could possibly become the subject of a criminal investigation, amid the email leak. 

The Likelihood of a Criminal Probe 

On Friday, GOP Rep. Chip Roy explained that a need exists for Republicans to take further action in light of the developments surrounding Fauci’s emails. The Texas Republican made clear that this further action should entail a probe into Fauci’s management of COVID, along with a potential criminal probe also. 

Rep. Roy told The Todd Starnes Show that Fauci’s interest in having his face plastered on magazine covers led to economic collapse, job loss, and much more devastation. After making this point, Roy mentioned his history as a former federal prosecutor, detailing that GOP lawmakers will “follow the truth” regardless of where that truth may lead. 

The Texas Republican made very clear that by the time this is all over, a criminal probe into Fauci could very much be merited. 

Troubling Times for the United States

The content of leaked Fauci emails is very troubling. It shows that political leaders and other officials believed the word of a man deeply in bed with China and only obsessed with personal interest. 

When Fauci was lying to the American public, he didn’t care about the devastating outcome of his advice. He shrugged off the adverse impacts of the lockdowns he endorsed; an increase in mental health issues, job loss, domestic violence surges, and more are just the tip of consequences stemming from shutdowns. 

Holding Fauci accountable is important and Republicans have to do it. The White House clearly won’t do it; less than 48 hours ago, President Biden stood before reporters, claiming that he maintains complete “faith” in Fauci. 

What else has Fauci been hiding? What else has yet to come to the light? Americans deserve answers. 

In light of the leaked Fauci emails, do you believe a criminal probe is warranted? Let us know in the comments section below.