Feds Incited J6 Violence, ‘Shocking’ New Evidence Indicates

Federal officers may have caused whatever violence occurred during the J6 events at the US Capitol.

This may then have been used in order to justify the Biden administration’s legal terror of patriotic Americans, as indicated by new evidence characterized as “shocking.”

Outrage J6 Details Exposed

Hundreds of America-loving patriots supporting former President Trump, who came to the nation’s capital for the J6 2021 rally, have been held in jail without due process for months.

They are getting slapped with hefty sentences by pro-Democrat judges for daring to express their constitutional freedoms. The new evidence that the feds may have incited violence in the J6 crowd has come from a motion filed by the attorney of Proud Boys members.

The document was obtained by Julie Kelly of conservative nonprofit American Greatness, as cited by The Red State. The report points out the revelations are shedding more light on how the federal government acted on J6.

The lawyer’s motion shows the FBI had a “significant number” of informants who infiltrated the Proud Boys, a conservative activist group.

What is even more striking, however, is the revelation that the informants themselves were “vastly outnumbered” by other federal assets – namely “plain-clothes operators” of other law enforcement bodies and CHSs (“confidential human sources”).

One of those bodies with lots of agents in the crowd was “Homeland Security Investigations” (HIS) and, according to the motion, it had a key role in running CHSs in the Proud Boys crowd on J6.

Undercover Operatives Heated the Crowd

Yet, the most shocking evidence of all comes from undercover bodycam footage from Metropolitan Police officers.

Those videos reportedly show the undercover officers themselves encouraging the demonstrators by yelling “Whose House? Our House!” and other provocative chants.

The attorney’s motion concludes at least 50 federal informants infiltrated the Proud Boys on J6, including no fewer than 10-12 previously unknown officers in plain clothes.

The lawyer emphasizes the undercover officers planted among the pro-Trump protesters were there “as instigators” and as “observers.”

Red State stresses if the defense attorney’s claims are correct, then government agents actively encouraged proud and brave American patriots on J6 to commit violence and penetrate the US Capitol.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.