Feminist Cancelled Over Believing in Men and Women

Devin Buckley, a feminist and thinker, was slated to speak at Harvard University.

However, her appearance was canceled because a member of the English department heard she opposes biological men fighting against women in sports.


English departmental coordinator Erin Saladin allegedly discovered an old Buckley scholarship online that proved she is a member of the Women’s Liberation Front (WLF).

This is a feminist movement that has taken a position against how transgender competition erases women athletes.

WLF also supports women-only facilities, such as prisons, that safeguard vulnerable females from male encroachment.

According to the National Review, Buckley’s talk will have nothing to do with transgender issues and would instead concentrate on British romanticism.

“On a more problematic note (especially for a Friday afternoon), I just looked up Devin Buckley to make sure I included the correct title/affiliation on the form.”

“I discovered she’s in the leadership of a trans-exclusionary extreme feminist organization.”

In an email received by National Review, Saladin stated, “I have located at least one piece of her work online that expressly denies the possibility of trans identity.”

“I can’t ask for money to bring in a speaker who publicly declares trans individuals to be harmful or dishonest.”

“I believe having her would portray the conference as a hostile environment for trans people.”

“I also doubt Deidre and Jim will still want to sign the application for funds for her visit; it might make them and the agency look terrible,” she added.

However, Buckley said she has never stated anything derogatory about transgender identity in her works, and she chastised Harvard for being “woke.”

The Defense

“I have never said anything derogatory about any transgender person. She didn’t use a single quote from me. Buckley noted in the report that she only made a few false charges.”

“The underlying premise of my articles is that a human male cannot become feminine and that claiming to be a woman does not imply that you are.”

“I simply believe women deserve equal treatment on sports teams, that males should not be allowed in their private places, and that violent men should not be allowed in their prisons.”

Buckley claims she’s been ostracized in academia because her work lacks the required narrative of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

“They want people studying gender explicitly in the academic employment market,” Buckley added.

“My work has nothing to with the hot themes that help individuals acquire jobs. So if you don’t agree with the awakened worldview, you’re automatically rejected.”

“Harvard has informed me that I am ineligible to be a British romance scholar since I do not accept male women,” Buckley remarked.

“For my thing, I’d rather go to woke paradise with Erin and the Harvard professors than be condemned with the Romantics and Plato.”