Forget What They Say – Donald Trump Would Have Handled Afghanistan Better

We all knew the Democrats were going to jump straight onto the bandwagon and blame Donald Trump for the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan. We were right.

Almost immediately, the president and some in the media decided that their best chance of avoiding blame was to pin it all on Trump’s plan.

They assumed we would take it as gospel and forget all about it. They were so wrong. Donald Trump’s plan was all about conditions. His administration was smart enough not to throw America’s bargaining chip away by removing the troops regardless of Taliban actions.

A conditions-based withdrawal with the threat of redeployment, should the terrorists violate the agreement is what Trump and his team worked so hard to achieve.

Negotiating smartly is a big part of clever diplomacy. Joe Biden does not understand this; when he declared that all forces would be removed before September 11, regardless of Taliban activities, it simply gave the militants a green light to act as they please.

Since even CNN didn’t protect Biden, you realize things are in decline for the Democrats

Joe Biden’s stupidity has been on full show for the world to observe as the tragic catastrophe in Afghanistan unfolds. As per a new poll, the majority of people disagree with Biden’s management of US military forces in Afghanistan.

Biden’s management of the US Army involvement in Afghanistan has been criticized by 69 percent of the population. Only 23% agree with Biden’s handling of the situation.

CNN published an article on Biden’s broken promises about Afghanistan, beginning with those made during his presidential campaign. The article goes into detail about how Biden misled the public over the size and strength of the Afghan National Army and their willingness to fight.

Finally, a 98-page study from the Inspector General uncovers disturbing details regarding the Biden government and the events that led up towards the Afghan disaster.

The inability of the Biden government to comprehend the Taliban’s movements and offer proper preparedness with the Afghan government has had disastrous effects. According to the New York Post, US forces have been shot at least twice while still at Kabul’s Karzai Airport Terminal.

The Humanitarian Disaster

Scores of Afghans were seen urgently pursuing after and holding on to a US Air Force aircraft as it trundled down a runway, with numerous people dying as the plane departed in a desperate bid to exit the nation following the Taliban conquest, according to the story.

Biden has been asked to quit in disgrace by Trump. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Defense’s quarter Sentinel assessment on Operation Freedom has been published by the Inspector General.

It shows four truths concerning the intelligence gathered by the Biden government prior to the withdrawal of US forces:

1. The Biden government was well aware that Afghan forces would be unlikely to delay or halt the Taliban’s march.

2. According to the study, the Biden government was aware that the Taliban had set its goals on Kabul.

3. The Biden government was aware that the Taliban was merely interested in political talks in order to gain legitimacy…and the Taliban intended to escalate its ground campaign in order to take the country by force.

4. The assessment also cautioned that because of a convoluted deal with Turkish forces, preparations for Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal were possibly inadequate.