Former Vice President Mike Pence Found to Have Classified Documents

In late 2022, former President Trump made headlines nationwide for classified documents being found at his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago. The FBI ended up raiding this home, prompting massive backlash from those who support the former president.

This month, it’s come out that Joe Biden likewise kept classified documents not just at his home, but also at an old office he used for work purposes. Now, some GOP lawmakers are saying that Biden ought to be impeached.

At least some of these documents were from the periods Biden served as vice president and as a senator.

In another interesting turn, former Vice President Mike Pence is now also making news for having classified documents in his possession, per CNN.

What to Know About Pence’s Classified Documents

At Pence’s residence in Indiana, an attorney of his is the one who found the classified documents. Since then, the FBI now has possession of these records.

With that out of the way, both the FBI and the Department of Justice are now conducting a further review into this matter. Specifically, they want to know how the former vice president came to be in possession of this records, given their sensitive nature.

Meanwhile, there still remains a degree of mystery concerning what these specific documents entailed and how long the former vice president had them in his home.

A representative for the former vice president does allege that he wasnt aware of these records being in his home. This, too, raises a lot of question about how the records came to be there and what else may have occured without Pence’s knowledge.

Setting a Pattern

So far, Biden, Trump, and now Pence have each been caught with sensitive records at their personal homes and/or other locations. At this rate, it remains to be seen who else may later be discovered to have classified documents.

However, each of the three are either former or current presidents or vice presidents. Therefore, it stands to reason that Vice President Kamala Harris or others who have previously served as president or vice president may also have some classified documents.

Questions have since been raised about what steps are in place to avoid classified records falling into the wrong hands.

It’s very remarkable and somewhat concerning that in just a matter of months, three high-level officials have been found to be in possession of sensitive documents that they should not have.

Given the current pattern, it’s only a matter of time before someone else with ties to the federal government is found in possession of another batch of documents.

Are you surprised to find out that former Vice President Mike Pence has sensitive records stashed away in his home? You’re welcome to let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.