Fauci Will Pay a Big Price for His Lies

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan said, “Yes,” when questioned by Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo if he would examine Anthony Fauci, should Republicans take majority control of the House.”

Lab Leak is not a Theory

Jordan’s comments come after a recent story claimed that senior U.S. and British scientists believed SARS-CoV-2 fled from a facility in Wuhan, China; some were unwilling to let the dispute play out in the public for fear of “international peace.”

“If the American people have put us fully in control, we will surely do this because we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dr. Fauci knew this item originated from a lab on January 31 and February 1,” Jordan asserted.

“It originated from a lab, according to the country’s finest scientists.” According to one scientist, the notes from the February 1st teleconference have now arrived.

“I cannot see how this could occur in nature,” one researcher says, “but it would be trivial to do in a lab.”

“Yet, in a matter of a few days,” Jordan proceeded, “they changed their stance, writing an article that emerges in Nature of Medicine Journal.”

“This became the gospel for Fauci’s ability to go out and tell people it didn’t really come from a research facility when in fact they knew it did.”

“There are two doctors who were most certain this item came from a laboratory early on; one is Dr. Kristian Anderson, who we just realized roughly last week.

“In an email to Dr. Fauci on Jan. 31, 2020, he writes, ‘Virus appears manufactured. The virus does not conform to the theory of evolution.’ As a result, he realized it came from a laboratory.”

COVID has rapidly grown from a SARS-like virus within body cells in a low-security lab, according to a letter from Sir Jeremy Farrar, head of the Wellcome Foundation, on February 2, 2020.

The letter went on to state that such evolution may have ‘unintentionally developed a virus ready for rapid dissemination between people,’ when it was sent to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins of the US Institute of Health.

This Does Not Bode Well for China

However, a prominent Dutch researcher and top US public health official have warned debating the lab leak scenario might lead to major geopolitical ramifications and harm China.

“I share your view that a speedy gathering of specialists in a confidence-inspiring context is required or the voices of conspiracy will swiftly prevail, doing great potential harm to scientific and global harmony,” wrote Dr. Francis Collins, then-director of the Institutes of Health (NIH).

“Further discussion about such allegations would needlessly distract leading scientists from their effective responsibilities and do undue harm to basic science and scientific knowledge in China in particular,” said Dr. Ron Fouchier, a Dutch research scientist in response to Farrar.