Freedom At Last: Mask Mandates Struck Down

A spokesman said Monday that the masks mandate imposed by the Biden administration will not be enforced.

This came after a federal judge’s verdict that the demand was unconstitutional, as major U.S. airlines and other transportation companies sought to abandon the program.

The Details

“The authorities are evaluating the ruling and determining what steps to take next.”

“Meanwhile, today’s court judgment means the CDC’s public transit masking order is not in place at this time,” a Biden government source told media organizations on April 18.

Likewise, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) announced it would no longer enforce its mandate requiring masks at terminals and on airplanes, starting today.

A Trump appointment, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, decided on Monday that the CDC overstepped its jurisdiction with the mask requirement and did not seek public opinion before enacting the order.

Major airways, including United Airlines, have announced masks are no longer required.

“Masks are no longer needed on domestic flights, some international flights (depending on the arriving country’s rules), or at U.S. airports,” United stated on Twitter, adding passengers are free to wear face veils if it helps them feel more at ease.

Facial masks are “no longer mandatory on our airplanes and in airports,” according to Alaska Airlines, effective today.

“While we are happy many of us will be able to witness your happy expressions, we recognize some of you may have mixed feelings,” the airline stated.

“Please do remember being kind to each other and traveling with a mask is still a possibility.”

“It has been a hard 24 months filled with almost continual change.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of our frontline staff who have managed every pivot while maintaining the safety and care we’re renowned for,” said Max Tidwell, the firm’s vice president of security.

“We’re especially grateful to our visitors, who were kind, patient, and supportive during every twist and turn.”

Delta is Fighting Back

Following the judge’s ruling, Delta Airlines stated that masks are not mandatory for staff and customers.

“As COVID-19 has evolved to a normal seasonal virus,” the statement noted, “we are pleased to see the US mask rule lifted to facilitate worldwide travel.”

Delta personnel and customers can continue to wear masks if they desire, according to the airline.

Following the ruling, both Southwest Airlines, as well as American Airlines, released similar remarks.

Amtrak, like the Washington Metro Region Transit Authority, New Jersey Transport, and other mass transportation companies, announced that masks will no longer be required for visitors and staff.

Masks are still required by a small number of providers, notably the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City.

The CDC already extended the Biden government’s transport mask rule until May 3 before it was struck down on April 18.