Fried’s Sad Attempt at Disagreeing with DeSantis Goes up in Flames!

The Democrats can’t get enough of their own hypocrisy. The latest one to exhibit this remarkable trait was Florida Democratic chairwoman Nikki Fried, who seemed to disagree with what the state’s governor posted to his official Twitter profile.

Namely, in an attempt to remove explicit materials from school libraries, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took to his following on Twitter to show the world exactly how out of place some of these books can feel in a children’s library.

Fried can’t even put together a smear campaign properly

DeSantis then showed an image from one of these books, depicting the use of marital aids during sexual intercourse. This happened much to the dismay of Fried, who took it upon herself to try and respond to the video with a zinger.

Unfortunately for her, she practically agreed with the notion that DeSantis was trying to present. Her comment about him posting “bu**plug pornography to own the libs” couldn’t have been more on point.

In fact, what DeSantis was doing was owning the libs. Fried fell for it hook, line, and sinker, to the point where one would find it hard to believe she’s actually on the left side of the political spectrum with the way she responded.

As it turns out, even the Democrats are fully aware that elementary school children shouldn’t be exposed to pornographic material, although some of them would love to disagree.

Thankfully, the MAP trend didn’t survive for too long. The left has given up on normalizing pedophilia, at least for the time being, giving us more than enough time to prepare for the next time they attempt it.

Libs = owned

Many online personas joined in on the public ridicule of Fried, with some laying the entire interaction out just to point out how nonsensical it is to even have to point out that pornography doesn’t belong in schools.

Despite this practically being common sense at this point, the Democrats are dead-set on including it in everyone’s curriculum. It’s almost as if knowing the dozens of fetishes and kinks some weirdo decided to cram into a “children’s” book equates to knowledge.

Substack writer Jim Treacher wondered why Fried was so appalled at the content on DeSantis’ Twitter if she’s so against it, which is practically how every discussion with a liberal goes.

They try to prove a point, they’re proven wrong, then they pull up irrelevant information they read online. They’re proven wrong once more and they give up and let the Democratic elites take care of it in post-production.

There’s no telling what they’ll try to normalize next. While it may look harmless on the surface, it’ll soon turn into something atrocious, just like all the rest of their agendas did.

We can only hope that Democratic figures like Fried will continue exposing themselves as hypocrites. It may help keep people away from the content they’re promoting, even if it’s for a single day, it’ll make a difference.

Our children are the future. Exposing them to sexual materials and pornographic content at such a young age can only prove to be damaging to their young, pliable minds.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.